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# 75  Bobbe Seymor & Hank mailar nyheter från USA
# 76   Story behind the song "You are my flower", plus Jannes produktlistor
# 77  Country i Karlshamn 3 ggr före jul
# 78  Berra Karlson har provlirat Jannes Derby Steel...
# 79  Cina Samuelson & Berra Karlsson i Malmö, julshow med Hasse Andersson.
# 80  Hank berättar: USA-rese-fakta, nyttigt för er som ej har hans erfarenheter
# 81   
Mest för steel pickers
# 82  
alla nomineringar till årets CMA Award
# 83  Lyssna på Country via Internet, Grand Ole Opry mm
# 84   Porter Wagoner avled 28 oktober
# 85  
# 86  
# 87 
# 88  
# 89 


På denna domän hittar ca 250.000 besökare årligen även andra




A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

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Nyhetsbrev nr. 075  (   4 sidor)  30  september 2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

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"International Country", Radio Haninge Direkt Fm 98,5 mHz eller på Internet     Direktsänt program tisdagar 16.45 - 18.15

Mycket ny hardcore Honky Tonk, Western Swing och annat pure country däremellan plus lite bluegrass etc. varvat med lite äldre från vinyl och CD.
Göran Adolph



Willie Cantu - trommeslager i originale Buckaroos - kommer antagelig til Norge kommende vinter/vår for å gi trommeseminar. Han vil demonstrere hvordan han spilte med Buck, og vil vise de forskjellige måtene å spille 4/4 shuffle på, - Buck`s, Ray Price, blues etc.. Dessuten, vispeteknikk, stikk/vispe kombinasjoner etc..
Han vil også opptre sammen med et live band for å demonstrere teoriene og øvelsen på scenen.
Seminaret vil bli holdt i Sarpsborg, - ca. 15 minutter unna grensen.

Steinar Schrøder



Jag såg Lasse Lindfors i ”Landet Runt” i TV. Grattis Lasse!  JL.


Hej Janne!
Kul att du gillade min och Börjes bok Hello Sweden. I´m Johnny Cash. Jag finns hela veckan på bokmässan i Göteborg, där jag i bokförlaget Reverbs monter signerar boken och svarar på frågor om Johnny Cash. Alla är välkomna att snacka Cash med mej. Fredag mellan kl 16 och 18 finns jag säkert på plats. Tacksam om du också kan nämna i kommande nöjesbrev, gärna torsdag-söndag.
Torsdagen den 11 oktober till söndagen den 14 oktober är det countryweekend i Göteborg, där jag visar upp min stora utställning Johnny Cash is a Friend of mine. Plats: Lilla Salen, Frölunda Kulturhus. Vernissage: torsdag den 11 oktober kl 19. Med livemusik och tilltugg. Fredag till lördag 12-13 oktober kl 12-21. Söndag kl 12-18 . Här kan du se över hundratal föremål , det mesta personliga gåvor från Johnny Cash själv; scenkläder, boots, pistol med hölster från filmen A Gunfight, handskrivna outgivna sångtexter och många andra personliga saker. Försäljning och signering av min bok Hello Sweden. I´m Johnny Cash, t-shirts mm. Visning av exklusiva Cashshower på DVD. Countrykonsert i Stora Salen: fredagen den 12 oktober kl 19 med bl a Marina Uppgren och Cheatin´ Hearts .Countrykonsert i Stora Salen : lördagen den 13 oktober kl 19 med de excellenta Cash-tolkarna Tennessee Drifters. Alla hälsas hjärtligt välkomna. Jag finns på plats under hela utställningen. All the best Lasse Cash Lindfors . Info om utställningen Lasse 070-7776547. Janne. Tack på förhand.



Gillar ni bluegrass och folkmusik, kolla sidan   JL.







Wives and girl friends have provided the inspiration for many hit songs and according to Charles Seitz, Carl Smith’s 1956 hit, “Before I Met You” was one of those tunes!


Seitz commented, “My wife—who was not my wife at the time—was the inspiration for that song. I wrote the song shortly after I began dating her. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was the one for me. I just started thinking about her and what she  mean’t to me and the song just came out.  It wasn’t hard to write.”


Carl Smith’s Columbia Records single, “Before I Met You” entered the country music charts October 13th, 1956 and peaked at # 6. it was Carl’s 32nd charted song and was on the charts for 12 weeks.



Hello fellow players,

Our featured steel player this week is Billy Robinson.  Billy as most of you know, is in the steel guitar Hall of Fame, but most of you don’t know why or what he has done. 


Billy was prominent on George Morgan’s (Lorrie Morgan’s father) number one smash hit of 1949, “Candy Kisses”.  When Jerry Byrd went into the service in 1950, Billy replaced him on the Springfield, MO radio show, The Ozark Jubilee.  He worked this show with Red Foley, Grady Martin and Wanda Jackson for a year.  He then came back to Nashville and worked the Grand Ole Opry with Marty Robbins, Bill Carlisle, Moon Mulligan, Jean Shepard, Hawkshaw Hawkins and several other stars.


He and his little single neck lap Bigsby steel hung it up in the mid-fifties so Billy could pursue a career as a graphic artist.  One of his better known designs is the famous Sho-Bud logo that we all know and appreciate today.  He also designed the cosmetics of the Sho-Bud Christmas Tree amplifier, possibly the most beautiful panel ever put on an amplifier.


My store, Steel Guitar Nashville, moved into a building that Billy owned and occupied half of in mid 1985.  We rented this building until we outgrew it in 1989. 


After talking to Scotty in St. Louis and telling him of Billy’s exploits in the music business, Scotty decided Billy should be in the steel guitar Hall of Fame and he was inducted in the following year. 


Billy makes all the steel guitar shows that are within 500 miles of his home in Hendersonville.  He has recorded several albums on his non-pedal guitar that he plays like a pedal guitar, doing slants, reverses, string pulls and such to the point that you’ll think he’s playing a universal 12 with 8 and 8 on it.


Billy is 76 years old now, looks and acts 45 and plays several rounds of golf a week.  A classic player and human being.  Most of you know this gentleman, but if you don’t, don’t miss him if he comes to a steel show near you.


With my ever increasing workload of restorations and repairs, I as some of you who work on your own guitars, have decisions that have to be made during the process of this work.  For instance, I am restoring a double 8 Bigsby steel guitar that was originally built for Johnny Sibert of the Carl Smith show from 1952.  The guitar was then sold to Webb Pierce for Sonny Burnett to play which was used throughout the rest of the fifties.


In 1960, Shot Jackson traded Webb Pierce a new Sho-Bud for the Bigsby.  This Bigsby was then bought by the yet unknown Lloyd Green.  Lloyd did his first two instrumental albums on this guitar and started his recording career on it.


My continuing dilemma on restoring this guitar is do I restore it the way it first went to Johnny from Paul Bigsby, or possibly how it spent it’s early days as a Webb Pierce guitar with two pedals only, or the way it was modified by Shot Jackson for Lloyd Green with six pedals and one knee lever, with wood insert necks and improved pickups.


Well, the decision is about made and the guitar is coming along nicely.  It should be finished in the next two months.  It will have the six pedals, wood insert neck and the incredible sounding modified pickups, but the classic Bigsby finish and look the way it was when Webb Pierce had it.


I am usually against modifying and updating classical steel guitars as it usually takes away the original values.  As we all know, if you take an immaculate untouched ’57 Chevy in this day and time, put in bucket seats, a modern fuel injected engine, 18” wheels and disc brakes and a flame paint job on it, you have taken a $200,000 car and turned it into a $35,000 car.


However, because this classic Bigsby was one of the most used and heard and envied steel guitars of the fifties, it was really a work in progress from the time it left Paul Bigsby’s garage the first time in ’52 until it left Lloyd Green’s den in 1962.  So I’m figuring that anything done to the guitar in that ten year era to be original and it may end up being the finest sounding and playing Bigsby ever and Lord knows it has some competition.


The reason I have mentioned this to you is to warn you that if you are thinking about doing serious redesigns, changes or modifications to your classic Sho-Bud or Emmons P-P guitars, please think again and consider the damage to your guitar and it’s future value.


If you don’t like the way it plays now, and I can’t imagine that, put it under the bed and buy something else.  In the future, you may be very glad you did.  This also may apply to your ’57 Chevy.  However, as you know, if you’re starting with a completely totaled guitar or car frame, there’s nothing wrong with doing what you want to it as about anything you can do to it can enhance the value.


Next week, we’ll talk about the retro craze.  Cars, houses, music and steel guitars.


Your buddy,  Bobbe Seymour



here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip 

Left Golfvaegen at 5.10 and then switched to Flygbussarna

at Jaerva Krog, 5.43, arrived at Arlanda terminal 2 06.10.

Checked in at the British Airways desk... then followed a

long wait for the security line... about 50 meters long...

at least... took forever it seemed... arrived at gate just

in time to start boarding... arrived at London Heathrow,

about 25 minutes early... Security again after terminal change...

Waited around for quite some time and then gate #1 showed

they way to AA flight 105.  Arrived at JFK on time and took

a bus ($13) to LaGuardia Airport and caught the flight to Nashville.

Arrived late, about 20 minutes or so....  At JFK i found out my

suitcase was missing... And they told me to report it when

arriving at final destination... so first thing to do was to file

a report at BNA... they searched the computer system for

my suitcase and found out it had later been sent to BNA,

via Chicago and arrived at the baggage claim about 10 minutes after

my carry-on.... ain't life grand sometimes...

Met up with Dan ok and arrived at my Midway Motel as usual...

Got the key and remote control and got myself settled listening

to country on TV and thinking about what a swell time that was

ahead of me... warm in Nashville + 27 C... and sunny...

I noticed that my place looked the same, this time with smaller

fridge and new microwave... drifted off to sleep after midnight...


Paid for the motel stay and notice that the price was higher this time

about + 25%, they say no inflation in USA...  took bus downtown

to library and checked the mail and then bus #3 to Music Row...

Checked out Great Escape recordshop and found me some goodies...

had a nice Arby's meal and took a walk around Music Row... met up

with Dan and got a nice ride back to Midway Motel and then out to

Nolensville Rd. when I hit the Flea market... not much to be found there...

still worthwhile, since it gives you a hint about inflation etc..  Took

a bus and met up with dealer Mike, and had a nice talk with him...

Took bus #12 back to motel, listened to Opry and sorted all the stuff

out and filed on my Mac computer... planned next day and drifted away

about 01.40... nice to have air conditioning this time, very hot....

tol be continued...

Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.

Till sist alltså lite rapportering från Hank som åter är i Nashville. Tänk om Arby´s fanns i Sverige? I USA är den nästan lika stor McDonalds!  Vi hörs snart igen!

Janne Lindgren


A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

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Nyhetsbrev nr. 076  (  8  sidor)   4 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

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Lyssna på Country, Country Music som sänder över Radio Lidingö 97,8 med programledare Janne Lindgren. Tisdagar 20.00 – 21.30 (repris lördagar 15.00 – 16.30) Första tisdagen i varje månad besöker Kenneth Friberg studion med sina bluegrass och old-timeylåtar!



"International Country", Radio Haninge Direkt Fm 98,5 mHz eller på Internet     Direktsänt program tisdagar 16.45 - 18.15

Mycket ny hardcore Honky Tonk, Western Swing och annat pure country däremellan plus lite bluegrass etc. varvat med lite äldre från vinyl och CD.
Göran Adolph



Hejsan Janne

Vill vara med på din lista över radiostationer som sänder Country.

I Sollefteå finns Närradion Över Sollefteå Kommun. Vi började sända på nätet i vintras. Vi sände bara några timmar i veckan MEN en halvtimma Country finns det tid till varje Tisdagar kl. 10.00 och jag har hunnit med drygt tio program nu

Jag försöker spela ett varierat utbud som ska tillfredställa många men jag har kravet att det inte ska vara popp. Framförallt spelar jag för dom som inte är "Experter" utan vanliga lyssnare som är lika amatörer som jag.

Besök det kan löna sej.

 Med vänlig hälsning Filip Flodman Strömsund



Vill bara meddela att Country Saloon körs på Radio 94,3 varje fredag kl. 19.00 med repris måndagar kl. 21.00. Det går att lyssna på internet via:

Missa inte heller det enda direktsända programmet för lastbilschaufförer i Sverige, Truckstop, som sänds torsdagar 18.00-21.00 från Viiby Krog utefter E20. Där spelas också massor av country!

Hälsningar Thomas Hydén

Radio 94,3

Box 123

SE-692 22 Kumla

SWEDEN  Tel. 019-583774     


Hej Janne


Vi har precis återvänt hem efter en trevlig spelning i Danmark hos Country klubben Kaktus.

De firade 20 år som club och hade en mycket trevlig fest i Sorö. Medverkade gjorde band från Sverige, Färöarna , Danmark och Tyskland.

Roffe från Rolab Studio i Askersund var med och förstärkte på steel. Han är mycket nöjd med sin nya steel som du sålde till honom, så och med den värdefulla hjälp han fått av dig. Det lönar sig att handla av folk som vet vad de håller på med.


Vi har vår nya cd färdigmixad och nu återstår mastring och konvolut. Förhoppningsvis så är den klar i Nov Dec


Hälsningar Thomas Ahlberg Jack Daniels Band


Hej Janne,


Läser med glädje att du plusar för Mr Music Country. Var under många, många år prenumerant av dessa CD-album. Hoppade av för några år sedan då jag tyckte det blev lite för mycket av den popinfluerade country-musiken.

Nu har ja återupptagit prenumerationen igen. Och nu känns det och hörs som förr. Vilken härlig sammansättning av låtar!

Du som känner honom. Hälsa och tacka och att han fortsätter på den inslagna countryvägen.



Härmed framfört!  JL.

Inbjudan till vernissage på
”Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine"!
Unik Johnny Cash-utställning av och med Lasse Lindfors.

Lasse Lindfors var nära vän med Johnny Cash under 20 år. Nu ställer han ut ca 100 unika föremål med många personliga gåvor från the Man-in-Black. Lasse har precis haft release på sin bok ”Hello Sweden I’m Johnny Cash” på Göteborgsbolaget Reverb, hållit föredrag på Bok och biblioteksmässan samt varit med på Landet runt på TV. På Frölunda Kulturhus visas bl a scenkläder, boots, handskrivna originaltexter, pistol med hölster och en bibel samt foton, udda skivor och mycket mera. Lasse Lindfors kommer själv att vara på plats och svarar gärna på frågor.
Vernissage Tors 11/10 kl 19.00, FRÖLUNDA KULTURHUS
Ulf Kassmyr spelar Johnny Cash och vi bjuder på Janssons Frestelse (Cash svenska favorit) & pilsner.
Entré 50:- Pågår endast 12 -14 oktober, Fre-lör 12-21, Sön 12-18  Ta med presskort eller dylikt.



Om du har plats i nyhetsbrevet på torsdag så skulle vi bli glada om du la in en påminnelse om vår fest den 5 okt. Här kommer texten:


Hej alla snygga country och westernälskare, imorgon händer det:


Vi slår på stort och bjuder in till en gigantisk stödfest. Vi vill nämligen spela in en ny trailer för The Big Ass BBQ och behöver riktigt bra ljud, ljus och en grymt laddad publik. Detta är den enda stockholmsspelningen för årets succéshow och ni som inte sett den har ett guldläge nu. Vi nöjer oss inte med att visa Sveriges snyggaste cowgirlshow, vi måste naturligtvis även bjuda på de bästa banden och det svettigaste dansgolvet.

På scen står zydeco/cajun bandet Evil Emil and the King Kongo Cobras och de laglösa Tennessee Drifters. Stockholm American Car Club kommer köra en sista sväng med sina vrålåk innan de ska vinterparkeras, vackra och kaxiga 50- talsbilar.

I baren bjuds det på het chili och billig öl. Det hela går av stapeln den 5:e oktober på Subtopia, Alby från kl sju och entrén är 60 kr. Kulturhuset Subtopia har ordnat bussar hem så vi behöver inte tänka på att passa någon tunnelbana.

Ta med så många ni känner: “it cost a lot of money to look this cheap, you know!”

För mer info: eller ring oss på festtelefonen 070 692 50 56

So long and see y´all there!

Ruby and Rose




Äntligen blev webbupplagan klar av the Country Post nr 130. Gå gärna in och läs om bland annat blugrassfestivalen i Torsåker, festivalen i Furuvik, om hur countrymusiken ska etableras på Öland, om Carlene Carter i Dalhalla. Vår trogne Kennet i Norge och om Mora Country & Western Clubbs 25-års jubel.

Ha en bra surfing på  välj där Country Post. 

Hälsning Björne i Smedjebacken




A lot of hit songs have come from something a songwriter read.


According to Mother Maybelle Carter, Flatt & Scruggs’ 1960’s hit, “You Are  My Flower,” was one of those tunes!


Mother Maybelle commented, “Sara carter and I found some of those words, “you are my flower” in a pamphlet we were reading one day. We changed the words around and then added some to it. I wrote the music to it and that’s where “You Are My Flower” came from.  People liked the song very much and it was a very good tune for us.”


Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs” Columbia Records single of “You Are My Flower” entered the country music charts February 15th, 1964 and peaked at # 12.

It was their 11th charted song and was on the charts for 18 weeks.



Here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip
record hunting at Mike's

Started day off with a visit to library - still warm summer - shorts and short

western shirt is ideal, more like hot Swedish summer... took a bus to my

dear friend Mike's place... his annual Sale, tons of records, if you buy 20

cds they cost $30 total. Found me a few, and some Hee Haw DVD's...

went furter to Great Escape on Broadway, spent a lot of time there

checking all kinds, cd, dvd, vinyl... had the coupon ready when I paid

20% off, it's a bargain every day... for the blue collar workin'  man...

Back to my Midway Motel... listening and watching Grand Ole Opry...

just as usual drifted off to sleep while listening to Midnite Jamboree -

this time Larry Stephenson guested.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 - Countdown & visiting Jeff

Started day off with listening to WSIX radio the countdown...

Brooks & Dunn in the studio telling stories... Took a bus to

Jeff, and spent some time there looking for good new cds

but found only a couple. Back to the Midway Motel for a radio

show on WKDF 103,3 with Billy Block playing new artists and

plugging his weekly show at Cadillac Ranch on broadway on Tuesday

evenings... nice information there... of course I filed a lot on my Mac.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 1 - Great Escape Madison

I have been kinda worried since I arrived in Nashville, no calls from

my promo man, and I have not been able to reach him from Sweden

either... Started day off by taking bus #26 to Madison and the 2nd

location of Great Escape... many vinyl records there and other stuff,

spent a lot of time there but not much money... took bus back to

library and had some excellent Arby's burgers with melted cheddar

cheese... back to the Midway Motel around 16.00 and  I had been there

just about 5 minutes when the phone rang... who could it be? Was it

Jenkins calling my room mate Larry the librarian? No, it WAS my promo

man!! I was so happy and set up a date immediately... So I spent 2

hours "going through tons of cd promos" and finally I ended up with

a couple of cd boxes to pay for... I had to "wash my hands first" since

the browsing had taken it's toll... and for security reasons...

Took bus 15 back to my motel... Larry was listening to Stubbs, of course,

with Skaggs & Whites in the studio, playing cuts from their new sacred bluegrass

album.. when I came in he sobered up and I watched GAC on TV and a nice

interview with Joe Nichols, and they played some nice videos of his hits...

went thru all buys from promo man and really liked what I had picked

out... when most dealers have less and less, I can still count on him...

but no Emmy's to Wailin' ... planned the whole Tuesday and drifted off to sleep

around 01.00 while listening to WSM night show...

to be continued..   Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.


here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2 - Donna Ulisse - newborn song writer and Bluegrass singer !!

Started the day off at Walgreen's buying some nice Pringles 79 cents... and also

some cheese dip from Family Dollar $1,50... spent some time at the library checking

up on all emails and checking out homepages... then I went down a short walk to

Ernest Tubbs Record Shop on Broadway... found me a cd with Don Helms on steel,

and a local yokal singer... but he's really good so I bought it. Took a short walk to

Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ford Theatre... There they showed some excerpts

from old Flatt & Scruggs Television Shows, now being released on DVDs... they plan

to release about ten and have now released 4 different. This time they had invited

Ricky Skaggs and Randy Scruggs and Eddie Stubbs was moderator. Guest of honor

was Earl Scruggs, old but still going strong... in the audience you could see Curly

Seckler... Both Ricky & Randy commented on their appearances around ' 61 & '62,

when they we 7-8 years old... Rickys grandma even kissed the TV when they broadcast

the portion with Ricky singin'  and grinnin'... how cute wasn't that...  Eddie asked them

a lot of questions which they kindly answered fully... after this event they sat around

at the museum shop and signed autographs for all fans of Country & Bluegrass music.

After that it was time to meet Jeff once more and have a look at his local yokals.

Found me some but they're not as cheap as they used to be... did a short errant to

my banker and it turned out he knew Jeff too so we tlaked a bit about music biz.

Found me a bus #3 and went all the way to Arby's on West End... had some nice roast

beef burgers and saved one for my promo man. I met him there happy and with some

no boxes to show me... he had a surprise gift for my buddy Larry, a baseball cap, with

bluegrass on front. He gave it to Larry - and he gladly accepted it for free... I bought

some cds and then took bus #3 further out on West End... this time to visit F.Y.E.

a shop that is now located in old Tower Records building... Billy Block was presenting

a new artist there at 18.00:

Reagan Boggs - After landing her 2006 release, Never Looking Behind, onto Americana Highway’s top 30 albums of the year list, Reagan Boggs delivers Right Now. The songwriter hails from a coal mining community in Southwest Virginia. With roots still firmly planted in those hills, she tells the story of “Clifton Branham,” Appalachian bad man via his own memoirs, and details a woman’s nightmare of strip-miners disrupting the resting dead after a pressured sale of her family’s land in “The Graves.” She pours out her heart through the eyes, ears, and fears of two young children living daily in an abusive home in “Ready to Run;” and again through the reflections of a middle-aged wife who struggles to find happiness in a comfortable, yet empty marriage in “Plastic Flowers.” Right Now is a collection of songs dealing with the light and darkness of everyday reality, composed in descriptive detail, and sung with the depth and emotion that is Reagan Boggs.

It was just her and a guitar and she was akinda singer/writer so I left the building early

and strolled downtown... Ended up in a local honky tonk (SMOKING PROHIBITED

from Oct. 1, 2007 all over Nashville), 3rd & Lindsley, where Donna Ulisse was supposed

to appear in a IBMA Showcase... it turned out to be postponed to 21.30 we we guzzled some

beers and then the band came on:

Randy Kohrs-dobro, Andy Leftwich-fiddle, Byron House-bass, Keith Sewell-guitar and

Scott Vesdtal-banjo on one cut Ashley Brown-fiddle/vocal. The band started with a bluegrass

instrumental... then came Donna Ulisse:

"I'm Calling Heaven Down", "Gone", " If I Were" (With Rick Stanley a cousin to Ralph S.),

"He Ain't That", "He's Still A Believer", "I'm A Child Of God"

Randy Kohrs: "I'm Torn", "Sitting On Top Of The World"

Keith Sewell: "Lovers Journey", "Think Of What You've Done", "back Where We belong" (A Skaggs cut)

Band: "Uncle Pen" and the band ended with a fiddle tune... show was over about 23.00.

Donna was in good form I think she is a better singer than song writer and can't remember

seeing her name on other singers albums, but maybe one day...

Took a short walk to Murfreesboro Rd. and the 23.15 bus #15 back to Midway Motel.

had some coffee and cakes and filed a bit on my Mac, listened to WSM and drifted off

about 00.40 after a full day..

to be continued..

Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.


Hi everyone....Hope all is well with you. This Friday afternoon (5:30 Texas time) I'll be visiting with Jerry Mac in his paltalk room. I'll have a microphone hooked up and we can visit with each other.  I would love to chat with ya'll!

If you haven't been in paltalk, you can go to There's several country shows, chat rooms, and some nice folks to visit with.  Perfectly safe from virus and freaks...haha  You can download their messenger for free & login. 

Click on rooms, music, country and the show that says  "Jerry Mac and friends" and you're there!  This is a listening room only. You can type in your comments and chat with others by text.  If you login today and you don't see his room listed, it's because he is only open from 4-8 pm. The rooms only show up when they're open.  Hope to chat with you guys tomorrow. 

If you miss this show, I'll be visiting with Sue MacClaren in Australia on paltalk in Derek's Listening Room on Oct 21st @ 11pm (Texas time)   Liz




Some writers prefer not to reveal the reason or the idea for certain songs and “Born To Lose” is one of those tunes!


Ted  Daffan commented, ”The true inspiration for “Born To Lose” is my little secret and it will remain my secret.  I have played penny ante poker from time to time, and when I played, I won most of the time.”


He would not admit that poker playing provided the idea for “Born To Lose,” or just where the idea for the song came from!


His Okeh recording of “Born To lose” entered the country music charts January 14th, 1944 and peaked at # 3, where it stayed for five weeks. It was on the charts for 21 weeks. The song was also the flipside of “No Letter Today,” which peaked at # 2 and was charted for 8 weeks.


Hej på er allihopa!

Detta är ett utskick till alla involverade på vår ”Country Weekend”.
Snart är det äntligen dags för Country-invasion på vårt kära kulturhus.
Lasse Lindfors kommer redan på onsdag i nästa vecka med alla sina Johnny Cashprylarna, och på torsdag har vi vernissage med livemusik och Cash svenska husmansfavorit ”Janssons Frestelse”, knäckebröd, ost och pilsner.
Nu till Fredagen den 12/10.

16.00 Dusty Brown
17.00 Cheatin’ Hearts (Kommer långväga, annars hade dom varit först!)
18.00 Little Green

Ca 19.15 Little Green
Ca 20.15 Dusty Brown
Ca 21.15 Cheatin’ Hearts

Lördag 13/10:

16.00 Tennessee Drifters
17.00 Cookies N Beans
18.00 Blue Sky Forever

Ca 19.15 Blue Sky Forever
Ca 20.15 Cookies N Beans
Ca 21.15 Tennessee Drifters

Vi har backline (nya fräscha grejer). Basanl. Ibanez med 2x16 lådor, Gitarr, Vox Valvetronix och en Ampeg med 4X12. Yamahatrummor med Zildjan Hi-hat, Sabian Ride och Istanbulcrash.
Ta gärna med cymbaler, virvel och baskaggepedal ändå.
Kan vara bra att veta; Pa’t har endast 2 monitorsystem.

Vissa har mailat mig en "Stageplott", det vore bra om alla kunde göra det så blir det lättare för våran ljudtekniker.
Skicka gärna en skiva oxå, vanlig eller bränd men med kopierat omslag isåfall. Så kan vår tekniker "lyssna in sig" och vi kan spela dom i vårat café som reklam.

Hotell är bokat för Cookies n Beans, Cheatin Hearts och Lasse Lindfors med sällskap på, det finns karta under menyn ”Här finns vi”.

Skicka ut nedanstående flyers till alla ni känner, media, Tv, ALLA!!!

Vänliga hälsningar
Tomas Modig
Frölunda Kulturhus
Box 63
421 21 Västra Frölunda
0736 66 23 04


Tack Hasse Buhre för inbjudan till matmässan i Munchenbryggeriet i veckan. Alltid intressant att komma till mässorna och smaka lite god mat. Speciellt röror, senap och allt annat från Rydbergs och Druvan.

Det blev hela 8 sidor den här gången. Hasse Rosens besök i Nashville är alltid intressant då ni där kan lära er hur man tar sig runt utan hyrbil. Själv vill jag rekommendera att ni skaffar er en hyrbil då ni åker till USA. Det förenklar det mesta! Är ni i Nashville och bara vill stanna på Broadway så behöver ni varken buss eller bil, men ni missar massor av fina klubbar och ställen som ni kan läsa om i Hasses beskrivningar.


Slutligen hoppas jag att helgen blir fin.


Janne Lindgren



PS. Jag sänder med mina produktlistor som bilagor. DS

Steel Guitar Music, Frösätrab. 10,  127 37 Skärholmen

Tel. 08 – 88 46 86   email:



Mel Bay´s Country Dobro Guitar Styles by Ken Eidson & Tom Swatzell. 72 sidor. Pris: 125:-

 Mel Bay´s Learn To Play Bluegrass Dobro, by Ken Eidson & Tom Swatzell. 88 sidor + CD. Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Dobro. 133 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s Beginning Dobro Solos, by Stacey Phillips. 52 sidor + CD  Pris: 245:-


Mel Bay´s Super Dobro Picking, by Tim McCasland. 30 minuters DVD. Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s Anyone Can Play Dobro. 50 minuters DVD. Pris: 224:-


Mel Bay´s Dobro Wall Chart by Janet Davis. Stor plastbehandlad poster i vackert utförande. Alla ackord finns här. Pris: 120:-


Banjo med flera instrument

Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Banjo. 116 sidor  Pris: 205:-


Mel Bay´s  First Lessons Banjo.  32 sidor m. CD  Pris: 90:-


Mel Bay´s   101 Red Hot Licks Bluegrass Mandolin. 47 sidor m. CD    Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  Fun With Mandolin. Bok + CD    Pris: 230:-


Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Uke. 96 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia. 139 sidor  Pris: 175:-


Mel Bay´s  Dulcimer Chord Book. 64 sidor  Pris: 120:-


Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer.  95 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  2000 Dulcimer.  95 sidor + CD   Pris: 250:-


Mel Bay´s  Blues Harmonica Method Level 1. 30 sidor m. CD  Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  Ultimate Fretted Tuning Chart  Pris:  125:-


Basic Music Theory by Jim Molberg.  28 sidor   Pris:- 125:- 



Steel Guitar (pedal & lap)

Mel Bay   Easiest Country Pedal Steel Guitar Book    Pris: 90:-


Mel Bay´s Pedal Steel Guitar Chord Chart E9th by DeWitt Scott. Plastbehandlad “Wall Chart” där alla ackord finns med. Pris: 90:-


Mel Bay´s Basic C6th Non Pedal Lap Steel Method by DeWitt Scott. 96 sidor + CD. Pris: 250:-


Lap Steel Guitar Kurs i C6 stemning by Henning Kock.  Pris: 200:-


Steelin´ In The Dark by Henning Kock.  32 sidor + kassett  Pris: 150:-


Mel Bay´s Steel Guitar Method vol. 1.  95 sidor  Pris: 150:-


Mel Bay´s Steel Guitar Method vol. 2.  48 sidor  Pris: 95:-


The International Steel Guitar And Dobro Discography by Joe Goldmark  Pris: 95:-



Janne Lindgrens kurser
 för pedal steel med endast 3 fotpedaler och 1 knäpedal.
(Kurserna innehåller ej något diagram)
CD pris 250:- per styck.


Pedal Steel Guitar 1.   
60 minuters grundkurs med prat och steelinstruktioner.
OBS! Denna kurs är helt ny och är unik med en fantastisk ljudbild.


Pedal Steel Guitar 2.   
60 minuters fortsättningskurs m. prat och steelinstruktioner. 
Även den här är helt ny med härligt steelsound och många intressanta övningar.


Pedal Steel Guitar C6th. (Ny) 
60 minuters instruktioner för C6stämningen.
En mycket bra början för den som vill gå vidare från E9stämningen.


Janne Lindgrens privatlektioner i Skärholmen, Stockholm.
E9 eller C6 där lektionen spelas in på ett kassettband som du sedan får med dig.
Pris per lektion och timme är  250:-  Ring för närmare information och tid. (Obs! Även kurser för dobro)


Steel Guitar Music, Frösätrab. 10,  127 37 Skärholmen

Tel. 08 – 88 46 86   email:


 Pedal Steel Guitars (lev.tid ca. 6 veckor)

1st GFI  S-10 (studentmodell) 3+4, röd, etui, picks och stål (beg. i lager) 13.000:-

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Volume Potentiometer    350:-


Strings from Black Diamond

Pedal Steel Guitar strings for E9th    130:-

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Övriga tillbehör

George L´s kablar (25:- per meter) används av alla steel pickers

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George L´s Pick Up for 10-strings (olika modeller) Pris: 1.300:-/st

Dobro Case (olika modeller) fr. 850:-

Dobro Straps  340:-

Capo for Dobro  GC 40   125:-



A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

Email:  HomePage: www

Nyhetsbrev nr. 077  (  5  sidor)   7 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

Titta tillbaka på tidigare nyhetsblad på eller


Så har det hänt för tredje gången att man spelar musik från min platta ”Blott En Dag” i Melodikrysset som går i P4. Det känns riktigt roligt att redaktionen väljer musik med pedal steel guitar och då inte bara en gång. Jag tror att programmet har väldigt många lyssnare. JL.


Efter lite lokalproblem är vi tvungna att ställa in den planerade Hillbilly & Bluegrass kvällen lördag 6 oktober. Om inget annat dyker upp hittar vi inte på något i klubbväg förrän den 1 december. Spelar gör vi förståss lite då och då, och när det är brukar vi skriva på vår nydesignade hemsida. Ta en titt på den!

 För de old time törstande kan vi avslöja att vi och Forge Mountain Diggers (US) planerar träffas i Saddle & Sabres (Tegrnergatan 9, Sthlm) källare och jamma på lördagskvällen.
Vi vet inte om det kommer 5 eller 50 för att lyssna, men alla är hjärtligt välkomna dit!


Nu kan ni se några bilder och läsa mitt reportage från Sälen.  Gå till Det kommer att publiceras betydligt fler bilder, bl.a. på samtliga deltagande artister.

Må väl,  Kenneth H Friberg  08-39 05 60


Hej på Er alla !

Översänder lite information till Er där ute som gillar livemusic !   Lena  / One58

Carlshamn Country Förening

   The Boogie Cats 

       20 oktober 

  Ölhallen Karlshamn 

  medlem 50 kr / ej medlem 80 kr



    akustisk country consert i

    CarlGustafs kyrka

     4 dec kl 19.00




En höstafton med tända ljus, mat, dryck

och akustisk country, blues och ragtimemusik.

        Homesick Mac

       Lördagen 3 nov

      Ölhallen Karlshamn

Endast förköp via turistbyrån i Karlshamn 0454-812 03

medlem entré och matbiljett -     130 kr

ej medlem entré och matbiljett - 160 kr 

         Entré öppnar kl 19.00

         Buffé serveras kl 19.30 

Hey Janne,


 I am SO glad to be on your playlist!!  Thanks for having me on there, it is always an honor my friend.  All my best to you & Eva.



  Bobby Flores

here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3 –

A city with a great library is a great city!

Started day with filing all the rest of the stuff on my Mac, then bus down to Library see: and today there was music to be heard!


Courtyard Concert: Jonell Mosser


Wednesday, October 03


11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

So I arrived there just in time, got me a front row seat and then enjoyed a full 1,5

hour of finest Nashville female white blues... check up

also . She was appearing with drums, slide, and bass.

Nice earthy sound and very good vocal. Recommended for all bluesy fans

and for Kalle Oldby at SR.        to be continued..

Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.


here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip 
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3 -              
A city with a great library is a great city!

continued... after the library show i took the bus #10 out on Charlotte Avenue. All The

way out to the Salvation store... found nothing and continued to Goodwill store and found

some clothing, i e Western Shirt. On the way back to town I stopped at wrote the report,

but computer didn't like me so I had trouble doing it... Windows of course, says the Mac-

fan... then I strolled down to Legends Corner on Broadway... just to find out he had

cancelled and was out of town, but instead "His Band" was playing and the singer was

Steve Radford, nice style and good steel guitar work by Cookie Jones, who used to play

for Barb Mandrell for a long time... he did lots of classics from: Hag, Rodriguez, Pride,

Watson, John Anderson, Waylon etc.  when he took a break after 23 songs I left the

building... no cover charge there but you should leave some tips in the tip jar... beer

cost $3,75/bottle (Miller Light) walked over to ET Record shop, browsed their large stock

of cds DVDs and books... then at 22.00 it was time for the manager to announce the

IBMA evening all for free (of course). Started with Cadillac Sky - new bluegrass with

more progressive attitude... then came the best group, Pine Mountain Railroad, nicely

dressed and with a happiness to be on stage that was unsurpassed this evening. They

had some guests like Gloria Belle and her husband... and some younger kids... the top

of the bill was The Cherryholmes, almost all family group... - played catchy bluegrass,

but still and some of them are probably better doing something else, than singing and

playing... but there is strong talent there.. at least I found them 2nd best that evening.

When the clock was 00.05 I took the short walk to the busterminal to catch the night

owl, and was so happy only me, Larry and two others on the bus... we got off first and

9 minutes from boarding we were at Midway Motel to sum up another day in Nashville.

Listened to WSM and slept well all night...


started day with a bus ride out to Hickory Hollow, browsed some cds and checked out

a Kroger food store... visited another Goodwill store and bought some clothing... continued

the ride back home with a haircut at Gene's barbershop... $8 is still effective...

Stopped by at HG Hill's food store and bought some potato sallad and bar-b-que...

Cheap food in the US... NOT swedish high prices... Took a break at Midway Motel and

then went back to town and bought a new bus pass for next week ($17).

Looking forward to Bluegrass Fan Fest starting tomorrow with lots of shows,

check out this page: you might wish you were here...!

to be continued..

Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.


Hello fellow players,


This week I’m featuring retired steel guitarist Lloyd Green.  At one time, Lloyd was possibly the most recorded steel guitarist in history along with Pete Drake.  Then in ’74 Sonny Garrish came on the scene and has worked 3 to 4 sessions a day ever since and is now undoubtedly one of the most recorded steel guitarists.


Lest we not forget Lloyd, who came to Nashville as a young man in his twenties, went to work with Faron Young, which I may add, was not a relationship that either one of them enjoyed.  Lloyd still has horror stories about the road and Faron.


I remember talking to Faron about Lloyd and Faron said that Lloyd was just way too nice for his own good and he loved aggravating Lloyd and picking on him because he took it so well.


The guitar Lloyd came to town with was not really up to the task, so Faron offered him his own triple neck Bigsby with two pedals on it.  The guitar belonged to Faron and was the one that Faron’s previous steel guitar player, Joe Vincent also played on his last tours and sessions with Faron.  It was an incredible sounding steel guitar and was played by Joe Vincent on Faron’s hit, “I Miss You Already”.


When Lloyd left Faron a couple years later after a pretty strong falling out, Lloyd drove back to Faron’s house in the middle of the night, left the guitar on Faron’s front porch with a note that said in so many words, take this job and shove it.


The next week, Lloyd went to Shot Jackson at Sho-Bud (this was approximately 1960) and told Shot of his plight.  Shot said, “I have the Webb Pierce Bigsby that Sonny Burnett played for seven years.  I financed it for another steel player in town who starved out and went back to his home town.  He still has a years worth of payments remaining on it at $27. a month.  You pay it off and it’s yours.”


This is the guitar that Lloyd started his recording career with in Nashville.  Several of the Lynn Anderson hits, Roy Drusky’s “Mister Peters” and a couple of Lloyd’s first instrumental albums, one of which was “Big Steel” I believe, were recorded with this guitar.


This guitar is now in my possession and three quarters restored to it’s former Bigsby glory.


After Lloyd proved himself as a very able studio musician and left his job as a shoe salesman, Shot approached Lloyd with the offer to build him a beautiful new double neck 10 Sho-Bud steel guitar.  Lloyd played this guitar for a couple of years and then got another double 10 Sho-Bud designed by Shot’s son David Jackson.  Lloyd made this guitar famous by recording the “Live At Panther Hall” album with Charlie Pride in the late sixties.


This guitar was destined to be Lloyd’s last double ten as his studio career had taken off to the point that he was the busiest steel guitarist that Nashville had ever seen.  Over 99% of his work was on the E9th neck, so he went to Sho-Bud one day and said, “Take this inside neck off.  I don’t want to carry it anymore.”


Thus was the birth of the new model of Sho-Bud.  The LDG, the Lloyd Green model.  Lloyd went on extremely successful for many years in the studio.  Lloyd made many very good investments and his retirement trust fund from the musicians union has made him a very wealthy retired steel guitarist.


About all I can say is don’t worry about Lloyd.  He’s done wonderful and he’s doing wonderful.  I cannot think of anything this icon of steel guitar hasn’t done and he should remain a bright spot in the rich history of steel guitar.


This coming weekend is the North Tennessee Steel Guitar Club Steel Guitar Show at the Preston Hotel in Nashville.  Some of the finest steel guitar players in the world and about all of Nashville’s great steel players who can, are working this ever growing show.  Even Scotty will be playing his frypan along with many great Hall of Famers.


>From reading the steel guitar forum, it appears as though I will be doing a half hour starting at 3:20 on Saturday afternoon.  It appears to be a star studded show.


Have you experienced steel guitarists who are reading this now ever gone though what it seems like I go through every time I have to play, especially in Nashville?  An egomaniac singer who talks through all your turnarounds as loud as he can over the microphone, kicks off all the songs with his vocal, even “Touch My Heart”, “When I Call Your Name” and “Heartaches By The Numbers” to name three.


How about playing extremely loud rhythm on a Fender Telecaster and yells at you telling you you’re too loud and the tempo is too fast, instead of telling the drummer who’s responsibilities the tempos are?


It seems as though great musicians are continuing to have to work with amateur singers and stars who cannot even be taught what’s right or wrong.  How can you teach somebody who thinks they know it all?


Singers who clap hands while holding the microphone, don’t announce the song by the title but only by who recorded it (Hey let’s hear some Patty Loveless now.).  These are things that I have less and less tolerance for the older I get because I have spent a lifetime learning my craft, why can’t the entertainer singers do the same.


But I want you all to know who are reading this letter, I know you’re all going through the same thing and just remember, I’m thinking about you.  I can kind of understand now why great retired musicians don’t want to work once their professional career has ended.  I also understand why many of the many Nashville stars prefer to hire less experienced newer players who come to town.  The older ones have moved on, progressed to other less abusive forms of playing steel guitar to make money.


I’m sure this is also why many players over the United States and the world hang on to their lucrative day jobs and only use their talents and experience playing on the weekend.  I must say they have my respect and total understanding.


Last week I told you that I was going to get into the retro craze phenomena that seems to be sweeping the world.  You know, the PT Cruiser, General Motors HHR, the new Clinesmith Bigsby replica and all the re-releases from Fender and Gibson along with the tube amplifier craze.  This newsletter is too long this week so we will get into this deeply next week.


Next week’s featured steel guitarist will be Dan Dugmore.


By the way, Happy Birthday Lloyd!


Your buddy, Bobbe Seymour


På den tiden det ordnades steelseminarium i Sverige så hade vi faktiskt Lloyd Green på besök. Det var fantastiskt att sitta bara några meter ifrån Lloyd och se och lyssna på vad denne mästare gjorde. Hade intresset varit större hos steelpickers här i landet så kanske vi hade kunnat fortsätta med ytterligare seminarium. Så blev det inte men vi hann att få hit även Weldon Myrick och Russ Hicks.

Det var allt för denna gång men vi hörs på torsdag igen!

Janne Lindgren


A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

Email:  HomePage: www

Nyhetsbrev nr. 078  (    sidor)    oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

Titta tillbaka på tidigare nyhetsblad på eller



Idag har jag haft besök av Berra Karlsson och Johnny Samuelsson. Berra ville kolla in min Derby steel och provspela lite grann. Vi hann både provspela, fika och snacka steel under de timmar de var hos mig. Berra är en av de bästa steelpickers vi har i Sverige och det var nästan lika kul att sitta och kolla in honom på nära håll som då vi hade Lloyd Green i Sverige. Ni kan se och höra Berra då han lirar med Hasse Andersson. Berra och Johnny spelar också på Cina Samuelsons CD, bara så ni vet!


Här lite övrigt!  JL.


Hej Janne,


Jag blir lika glad som du när jag får lyssna till inspelningar från ditt album "Blott en dag" på melodikrysset P4. Ett program som jag alltid försöker lyssna på och försöka lösa korsordet. Jag har skickat in ett tack till redaktionen vid ett tidigare tillfälle och tackat för att dom hade den goda smaken spela något från ditt "Blott en dag" album.


Albumet finns ju i min ägo. Tack för det! Och det är musiken i det albumet som får min granne att få "stå päls" ( hans uttryck) när han får lyssna till dom ljuva tonerna från din steel.




Hej Janne.


Jag hörde din dobro klinga ut i melodikrysset i lördags.

Kul att det dyker upp låtar från din instrumentalplatta i radion ibland.

Skivan är väldigt bra överlag tycker jag!


De steelseminarier du skrev om i förra nyhetsbrevet lyckades jag missa, alla av dem!

Det hade nog varit mycket givande att få inspiration från dessa herrar.

Min "ursäkt" att inte dyka upp berodde på att jag satt och plinkade på min egen "sågbock"

på diverse jobb vid dessa tillfällen. Men sånt är det väl här i livet ibland?


Mvh Berra Karlsson

Ja, ibland hamnar man bland kulturen! Visst är det kul! CD´n Blott En Dag är inspelad med en blandning av analoga instrument och programmerade bakgrunder på en Atari, vilket var ett ganska nytt sätt att göra musik på 1991. Steelen är dubbad, d v s inspelad två gånger unisont. CD´n kan beställas från ovanstående adress. JL.


Hej Janne!
Jag var med på ett helgsteelmöte med dig nere i Frihamnen för länge sen. Jag kunde inget men jag njöt av den fina atmosfären.
Häromkvällen var jag uppe i Lidingöradions studio och pratade för jag hade vunnit en LP. Jag passade på att säga att country var mitt stora intresse och att man kan lyssna på dig på tisdagar.
Hälsningar Lasse Rune

Tackar för den reklamen! Frihamnen ja, det var länge sedan jag hade min studio/replokal där precis vid Tallinbåtarna. Men kul hade vi på våra träffar med steelkamrater! JL.



vill på detta sätt bara meddela att AFF - Amerikanska Folkmusikföreningen har bytt webbhotell och webbadress (URL).

Numera kan ni hitta oss på  Ber er vänligen att byta adress i era favoriter/bookmarks eller länkar som ni har till oss. Den gamla och den nya kommer att köras parallellt till årets slut - sen är det ajöss med

Mvh webbmakare Friberg.


Ett arrangemang. Den 20 oktober blir det en Countrykväll i Stugan, Stadsparken. Jönköping.  Tid: Klockan 19 – 24. Entré 150 kronor.

Medverkande artister: Romi Mayes från Canada, Earl & Dallas och Blue Valley Boys.

Det går att beställa buffé till ett pris av 150 kronor exklusive dryck. Tel 036/16 33 90. Mera info av Ingemar Elf på tel. 0735-36 21 89 eller på


Bluegrasskonsert på Culturum söndagen den 9 dec kl 16.00 , 2007.

En vinterkonsert med: String Strike Pickers, Bluegrasskören, Thomas Haglund, Olov Österberg som framför Bluegrass/amerikans folkmusik , med influenser från jazz, gospel mm

Konferencier: Karin Alm

Efter konserten blir det folkmusikfestival med musikgrupper som: Stinas Bluegrass Band, Oxtakt, FBB, Ingemar med KAM, Nyköpingshus Spelmangille, Jenny med vänner,  ev. fler musikgrupper

Förköpa av biljetter Culturum, Eller ring 0704 00 08 75, mail   Arr:   100:-/biljett 2 ungdomar/per vuxen gratis.



Hej. Vad kul med en levande livescen. Då fyller jag på med mer livecountry och bluegrass i och i närheten av Karlshamn. Broken Spokes spelar trad country i Olofström på First Hotel 9 nov kl 20 och på Valvet, Kristianstad 14-15 dec kl 23.


Blue Forge spelar bluegrass 12 okt kl 20 på First Hotel i Olofström och på Karlmans, Karlshamn(First) ons  21 nov kl 19.  Mvh Peter 070-5692230 



Please click on this link and then scroll down to read the latest news.....Greetings from Nashville!

Dan Ekbäck


Jag är på jakt efter någon i Uppsala som kan ge en ung amatör lite skolning i att lira banjo. Tänder det ett ljus? Maila gärna mig i så fall på  /Andreas Karlsson






Hope you have a wonderful day! NITE*SKY Records


Det här kanske är något för er steelpickers. JL.

Hej musikdiggare!             Nu har Ambrogio två webb-sides:



here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4 - continued

After the stint at the library I took bus#3 out to F.Y.E. in the old Tower Records building on West End. I had a coupon giving me 40% off any used cd... I had to browse a long time and finally found a local yokal with a jewel box containing both cd (16 songs) and DVD (18 songs)... so I was happy... took a bus back and visited Great Escape again and found me an advance cd of jason Michael Carroll's first major cd, with one song that was actually deleted on his store release... sounded too country of course...

Spent the evening back at Midway Motel enjoying the NHL premiere with the Predators at home against Avalanche... an easy win 4-0, but in the first period it was tough, and the goalie had to make 35 saves, some of the more qualified than you can expect a goalie to save...  Drifted off to sleep listing to WSM, probably around midnight...

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here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5

A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Emmy Sing!

One of the more hectic days as Fan fest started... Received a call from my promo man early in the morning. Set up a time 09.30 at his shop... but first I went down to Nashville Convention Centre and bought me a one day ticket ($45) for a full day of bluegrass. Then I met my man and found me some country DVDs and some new cds and some singer?songwriter promos... he was still very happy doing business with me and so was I doing business with him. Took bus #7 back to the NCC, the bluegrass had just started:

Friday, October 5 - Nashville Convention Center
11:00 AM        World International Bluegrass Band (I skipped)

11:30 AM        Cadillac Sky (I skipped, too progressive)

12:00 PM        Steep Canyon Rangers - nice bluegrass 

 12:30 PM       Sierra Hull & Highway 111-nice bluegrassby young girlsinger, but not worth paying for...

1:00 PM          The Greencards - not so nice bluegrass

 1:30 PM         Grasstowne - nice bluegrass 

 2:00 PM         The Mark Newton Band - nice bluegrass - with mandolin player Sierra Hull!

 2:30 PM         Nashville Bluegrass Band - Pat Enright's mom was deadly sick, so Dave Peterson was         doing the vocal - very nice

 3:00 PM         The Claire Lynch Band - nice, but Missy Raines-bass!

  3:30 PM        Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time - very nice grass, this timer he had a fiddle player, which he really needs. She was doing great! He did mostly songs from his brand new digipak cd.

 4:00 PM         John Starling & Carolina Star - John was unfortunately sick and was replaced by Jerry  Salley - who did a great job singing own songs recorded by others.

 4:30 PM         J.D. Crowe & The New South - very nice grass, some McCall-vocals

 5:00 PM         Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - 5 time fiddle player of the year with a band, his new singer was really good, singing in old style...

 5:25 PM         (INTERMISSION) took bus #3 and bought Arby's for Larry ' n me.

6:10 PM          IIIrd Tyme Out - back at NCC, I found me a front row seat... andenjoyed this group..

 6:40 PM         Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers - nice bluegrass and after this Carl Jackson                                                                                                  (MC) informed the audience that a special treat was about,
so he welcomed Earl Scruggs, with banjo... and a girl fiddleplayer... nice job, with 4 songs, of course one of them was "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

 7:10 PM         Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - nice group, Doyle himself in rhinestone suit a la Wagoner... all members had nice clothing, a plus this evening... nice vocal by the new singer, very much bluegrass!! Then Carl Jackson, almost with tears in his eyes, introduced e singer who had influenced him a lot (b. April 2, 1947, Birmingham, Alabama)

 7:55 PM         Emmylou Harris - she had planned to use Carolina Star (John Starling's band, and she did, but as said before John was sick) the band was hot and consisted of: Rickie Simpkins-fiddle, Tom Gray-bass, Mike Auldridge-dobro, Jimmy Gaudreau-mandolin... all did vocal efforts... backing Emmy, who was in good form and me just sittin' front row... just few yards away... As usual the coffe cup was there and she belted out these old songs: "Roses In The Snow", "Blue KY. Girl", Miss The Mississippi And You", "One Of These Days", "Angel Band", "Snowing On My Tomb" (Townes song outtake on new box), "Poncho & Lefty", "Jordan", " Born To Run", "I'm Lonesome For My Precious Children" (found in a Movie Soundtrack - recorded by Doyle L.), "John The Baptist" and finally for Carl Jackson's father a duet with Carl "The Angels Rejoiced In Heaven Last Night" - unfortunately the bluegrass audience didn't understand her greatness!

 9:00 PM         The Isaacs - too much religion and family band are not always great on all instruments etc but Sonya & Becky can sing... although the sacred songs tend to dominate...

 9:45 PM         Mountain Heart - Way loud - I left

10:30 PM        The Grascals - (have seen before many times)

11:15 PM        Cherryholmes (have seen one time before, enough)

11:35 PM        (End)

 After I noticed that Mountain Heart was too loud and the clock was about

10.30 I went to another showcase:  Third Coast Artist Agency NCC Level 2 Room 207

11:00 pm        Alecia Nugent (with Josh Williams on guiatar & vocal and some friends) did a nice job and really nice tribute to Jimmy Martin "12 White Roses" written by Carl Jackson.

11:30 pm        Bradley Walker - BG Male Vocalist of 2007 - with his own band in a relaxed atmosphere.. the title hadn't really sunk in yet... he really thanked all the music people for helping him, and fans for buying his first release on ROUNDER - "Highway Of Dreams" ( a real fine man, and so down to earth!! unfortunately he is crippled and has to sing in a wheelchair. When he was done I skipped these:

12:00 am        The Charlie Sizemore Band
12:30 am        The Farewell Drifters
1:00 am          The Dixie Bee Liners
1:30 am          Red Stick Ramblers

and instead I took a close walk to busterminal and met up with Larry, and took the night owl bus back to Midway Motel, we got there in about 10 minutes, listened to Eddie Stubbs a bit and then after coffee and homebaked Swedish banana cake I drifted off to sleep, just remembering Emmy, and her way of being professional, just at the right moment..

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here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip

Ray Edenton at H o F took the bus downtown browsed some at ET Recordshop then headed for Country Music Hall of fame ( "October 6, 2007 at noon Songwriter Session: Harley Allen and Don Sampson

Enjoy a performance by songwriters Harley Allen and Don Sampson. Harley Allen, Grammy-winning songwriter of "Awful, Beautiful Life" (Darryl Worley); "The Baby" (Blake Shelton); "Between the Devil and Me" (Alan Jackson); "Everything I Love" (Alan Jackson); "If Nobody Believed in You" (Joe Nichols); "I'll Wait for You" (Joe Nichols); "The Little Girl" (John Michael Montgomery); "My Last Name" (Dierks Bentley); "Tough Little Boys" (Gary Allen); and songs recorded by Garth Brooks, Tracy Byrd, George Jones, Alison Krauss, Josh Turner, and many others.

Don Sampson, writer of "Don't Mind If I Do" (George Strait); "Midnight in Montgomery" (Alan Jackson); "Rebecca Lynn" (Bryan White); "Tough Little Boys" (Gary Allen); and songs recorded by Kenny Chesney, John Conlee, Charlie Daniels, Alan Jackson, George Jones, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Joe Nichols, Brad Paisley, Charley Pride, Kenny Rogers, Josh Turner, and Tammy Wynette.

Included with museum admission. Free to museum members." Stood in line and got my front row seat again, Allie, of HoF, presented the event... she's cordinator of education... Harley Allen is a son of Red Allen, a bluegrass musician... he's been with the Allen Brothers... he has won BMI songwriter of the Year... he sang following songs: "Beautiful Life" - Darryl Worley "I Want You To Love me Like My Dog" - unrecorded  "Good" – unrecorded He tried an artist, but settled as a songwriter instead...

"Tough Little Boy" with Don Sampson !! "Baby" - Blake Shelton,  Don Sampson - "Ringaround Rosie", "We've Got 9 Lives To Live", "Midnight In Montgomery", "Waiting On A Woman" (for Brad Paisley), "Gospel According To Luke" - this was a 20 year old 1st hit song.

Nice session took just over 1 hour... stood in line for next event: "October 6, 2007 at 2:00 pm Nashville Cats: Salute to Ray Edenton

Born in Virginia and raised in a musical family, Ray Edenton became a mainstay of Nashville's recording scene in the 1950s, with rhythm guitar his specialty.

He first began playing music with his brothers and cousins, fiddling at square dances for twenty-five cents a night. Eventually, he worked his way up to performing on radio shows with the Carter Family, Chet Atkins, Homer & Jethro, and other stars.

After moving to Nashville in 1952, Edenton landed a job as a guitarist for Jamup & Hney on the Grand Ole Opry, and soon began working in the studio and on stage with performers such as Webb Pierce and Hank Williams.  Edenton has played over twelve thousand recording sessions; his credits include Marty Robbins's "Singing the Blues," Roger Miller's "King of the Road," Loretta Lynn's "Coal Miner's Daughter," and the Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little Susie" and "Bye Bye Love." Noted for his versatility, Edenton also played bass guitar, twelve-string guitar, ukulele, and a variety of other instruments. After the program, Edenton will sign autographs in the Museum Store."

Stood in line waiting for this event and saw many Nashville session players, and famous people drop by... next to me I talked to an old lady, turned out to be Cathy Copas, daughter to Cowboy... Who died in a plane crash with Hawshaw Hawkins & Patsy Cline way back in the 60's... Cathy was married to Marvin Hughes - piano player extra ordinnaire.. he became also an A&R man for Capitol records and recorded people like Sonny James etc... Cathy recorded for KING (about 6 songs) and STARDAY, later on she recorded covers on 2-3 sessions doing 4 songs on each, in Nashville, TN. Dan came up to me during this conversation and i introduced him, so we stood there and chatted, this until Charlie Dick (once married to Patsy) spotted Cathy and let her follow him in... and since she didn't want to leave us we could follow inside and get from row seats for this event also... Bill Lloyd was the moderator and we could see clippings from old pictures and a PET MILK Grand Ole Opry movie, whcih showed both Marvin & Ray in 1962. Ray hails from VA. his old folks were all musicians in some way... he started fiddle & piano first...  Rodeo Rangers was on band he started with in Richmond, VA. a Saturday show at WMBG, Western trio around ' 47-48. Sleepy McDaniels was one of his buddies. Joe Maphis was with him in Korn Krackers... WNOX ' 49 in Knoxville. Atkins, Homer & Jethro & Bill Carlisle were there at the same time.

First session with Red Kirk on MERCURY "Lovesick Blues" Ray played bass, Buck Ryan-fiddle... then he spent 28 months sick in tubercolosis... 1952 he went to Nashville, session player wit Red & Kitty on DECCA "One By One" demo sessions, married to Rita Robbins, on tour with Copas and George Morgan... did local TV & Opry -> conflict with John Denny... Did all Webb Pierce sessions so Webb confronted Denny and Ray kept the Opry job. Also spent time working as a salesman before he could earn enough on sessions. Did a duo session with Marty Robbins as Ray & Roy - (Robbins idea) 1954. publishing demo sessions , Opry live with The Everly Bros., "Bye Bye Love" wrote a song with Don Winters (Rita's brother), "You're Running Wild" recorded early for FELSTED - as by Ray Eddington. From '61 he did sessions til ' 91 when he quit. has released one lp on Columbia "Ray Edenton Plays Uptown Country Music". Did sessions with all kinda artists like Mancini, (slept on his piano) Perry Come etc etc.. nice clip from Leon Russel's session in 1973 "Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms". it was then over and I said goodbyeto Cathy and Dan and went to library... what a nice day

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Hello fellow players,


I have a couple of steel players this week I’d like to mention.  One is a classic old steel player and other one is a well known classy new steel player.


In 1947, Doug Seymour, better known as Slim Seymour in professional circles in western New York state, across Lake Eire from Canada.  Slim got deeply infected by the beautiful sounds and tones of the great steel guitarist Jerry Byrd.


Jerry and his little Rickenbacher steel guitar was on every hit record being recorded it seems.  Red Foley, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams Sr. and anybody who was on the charts.  This was the era of the 50,000 watt AM broadcasting stations and all of them broadcast great, hard country music all night long for the truckers working so hard to deliver our goods on the two lane roads of the day.


Slim became a hard-core Jerry Byrd fan and bought his first little six string lapsteel from Montgomery Ward, but soon realized that he needed more than one tuning to play the beautiful Jerry Byrd things and the Noel Boggs, Slim Idaho and Joaquin Murphy styles that were also being recorded.


Unable to find or afford a new Bigsby steel guitar, Slim bought a single neck Epiphone and a double neck Epiphone, went to the local high school woodshop and very skillfully built a beautiful triple neck body for his Epiphone guitar necks.


He soon joined a local band in the Jamestown, New York area named the Westernaires.  Quickly realizing that he enjoyed playing steel guitar for money more than getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning and milking 25 cows every day, he joined a band out of Eire, Pennsylvania named The Sunset Ramblers.  This was full-time professional band and Slim did all the steel guitar, some rhythm guitar and all the great comedy.


This show band gained great recognition throughout the west coast of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Slim’s next big move was to work with the Missouri Foxhunters out of Ashtabula, Ohio.  From here, he accepted a staff playing job at a 50,000 watt radio station in Shenandoah, Iowa.  The famous Radio WHO.  These were the wonderful days when most 50,000 watt radio stations had staff bands, either country or western.


What brought Slim back to western New York is still a mystery to me, but it undoubtedly a lot to do with the family he was raising and just plain wanting to get back to his roots.  Slim has a four year degree in music, has been teaching steel and has transferred his mechanical and working knowledge of steel guitar to doing repairs and service for players in the tri-state area.


I would like to salute this fine musician and congratulate him for his sixty years of great country steel guitar, comedy and the love for both.  The fact that I witnessed all this and much more first hand is what has made me a steel player today and given me the deep seated love I have for this instrument.


The second player I’d like to mention is Dan Dugmore.  Dan is famous for his solo on Linda Ronstadt’s version of the Roy Orbison hit, “Blue Bayou”.


I met Dan in 1969 on one of his visits to Nashville and was deeply impressed by how nice this young player was.  Many years later, Dan moved to Nashville and didn’t want to work the road, so started going around to the studios, meeting producers, shaking hands, asking to be given a chance and starting off on demo sessions and gradually working himself up to do some master sessions.


Dan has fine taste in what music should sound like and what his parts that he plays should sound like to the average listener on the street.  He not only plays steel guitar, but works many sessions as a rhythm guitar player and now, as an electric guitar player also.  His wonderful personality and taste in playing the right thing at the right time has made him one of the heavies in the recording studios today in Nashville.


I wouldn’t say Dan was a steel guitar fanatic as much as he is a music fanatic.  I say this with all respect.  He is now at the peak of his career and I feel the future has nothing but great things in store for him.


Many players call me up to say, “I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on a steel guitar and I really can’t afford a new one, what do you have used?”


When I give them the price of the used guitars, they are quite often shocked and say “Hey, those are more than new ones.”  Or, “I can buy a new one cheaper than that.”


This is quite true since used guitars in perfect condition have a tendency to go up in value, quite often, they exceed the value of their brand new counterparts.


I feel that the great values in steel guitars may be brand new ones if you can buy them at great discounts.  I always try to give the best prices possible on new guitars.  Many times a player can buy a new guitar at a good discount, play it ten years and double his money when he sells it.


I sold many Sho-Bud guitars in the late eighties brand new for $1000 to $1200.  Most of these guitars today are worth around $3000 for double necks, even the Maverick has more than doubled with the Pro I’s and Lloyd Greens going through the roof.  Fifteen years ago, I was buying and selling Bigsby’s for $500 to $1000 that are now worth $20,000 up.


The moral of this story is if you want a good guitar for the least amount of money, it may be a very good idea to consider a new one.  A used guitar that is cheap may be a poor brand or in very bad condition and possibly not that good a deal.


I call myself a player first and salesman second so if you call me and ask for my opinion, be ready for my honest opinion whether you like it or not as there are some guitars that are much better deals than others and as we all know, there are some guitars brand new with big price tags that sound horrible and there are some great deals for much less money new and used that sound and play great.


I am a pretty big fan of the GFI guitar because of it’s great mechanical innovations but I am also a fan of traditional guitars that have a great heritage, Sho-Bud, Bigsby, Emmons to name three out of many.


I have an open mind, appreciate quality, ease of maintenance and above all sound.  If these qualities are important to you, I wouldn’t mind discussing them if it will help you in any way to make good choices as steel guitars can be a major purchase to most of you.


As most of you have noticed, much of the population the world over is looking behind us at designs and innovations of yesteryear.  Car designs, the new Mustang looks like the ’67.  Chrysler’s PT Cruiser looks like a ’37 Ford.  Chrysler’s Prowler looks like a hotrod from the early ‘50s.  Steel guitars are also following this craze with people wanting the classic look of lacquer maple bodies, raised aluminum necks, classic keyheads and single coil pickups and so on, etc.  The new Clinesmith Bigsby reproduction is a case in point and I feel that we will see more designs in the future that retain the classic look of the fifties, sixties and seventies which is starting to be looked upon as the golden era of steel guitar.


After all, if you were going to build new violins today, you wouldn’t make them square and cover them with formica.  If you were going to go into the piano business, I doubt if you’d make them out of carbon fiber and put knee levers on them.  Remember saxophones and trumpets, oboes and the like have established a look of what they are.  Their evolution period is over.  Only microscopic improvements can be offered between brands. 


More and more, I see steel guitar coming into this realm.  After all, how can we improve on what Stradivarius did with violins.  It’s going to be very hard to improve on what Paul Bigsby, Ronald Lashley, David Jackson and Gene Fields have done for the design of steel guitars.  Sure there will be improvements, but don’t look for any major earth-shattering breakthroughs.  The world of steel guitar may do what Chrysler has done and produce classic looking steel guitars like Bigsby and Permanent Sho-Buds with the new, great refined mechanics of today.  Wouldn’t you like to have a guitar like this?  I would.


So that my fellow Nashville musicians and members of the North Tennessee Steel Guitar Club know that I appreciate my Golden Legends award, I need to humbly express my appreciation of this prestigious award.  I received this award Saturday, the sixth of this month and it hangs proudly on my wall.  With such fellow awardees as Don Helms, John Hughey, Stu Basore, Buddy Emmons, Howard White etc. I am extremely honored to be named and accepted into this exclusive and famous group of legendary players.  Needless to say, this award came as a total shock and surprise.


My very dear friend and I’m sure your very dear friend Duane Marrs is in dire need of prayer.  Duane is one of the most giving and talented steel guitar builders and players in the industry.  His contribution to steel guitar over the past forty years is unfathomable. 


Most of you probably know Duane personally and are very aware that not only did he do much design work for Sho-Bud, invented the pack-a-seat, along with designing the Sho-Bud volume pedals.  He has also built his own brand of guitar for the past several years along with creating a wealth of teaching material for students of steel guitar.  I don’t know of a greater person who has done more for the industry than Duane.  If anyone should have the awards and recognition of being a legend in this business, this is the man.  Keep him in your prayers as his health is on the line. Featured steel guitarist next week will be Cal Sharp.


Your buddy, Bobbe Seymour

Och här tackar jag för mig men vi hörs på söndag! 

Janne Lindgren


A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

Email:  HomePage: www

Nyhetsbrev nr. 079  ( 5 sidor)   14 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

Titta tillbaka på tidigare nyhetsblad på eller


Hej Janne.


Ett stort tack för gästfriheten då Johnny och jag under torsdagen kom på besök.

Test av Din Derby gitarr, dobros mm. plus kaffe och mackor gjorde att timmarna snabbt rann iväg.

Speciellt trevligt var det att i lugn och ro sitta och snacka musik och annat med dig.

Det blir ju ganska sällan tillfälle till sådant, så det här var verkligen trevligt!


Derby gitarren har både fin ton och känns fin i mekaniken måste jag säga.

Den var dessutom mycket lättspelad tycker jag.


Mvh Berra.


Hej Janne!

Ett gäng från SCMC träffades i Western Store i gamla stan där vi bjöds på tortillachips med olika dipp och 20% rabatt på allt vi handlade. Efter en trevlig stund där gick vi till klubblokalen och åt en god kycklinggryta, pratade och lyssnade på countryskivor.
Vid åttatiden drog jag vidare till AFFs jam på Saddle and Sabre. Där var det tvärfullt och stämningen låg högt i tak. De flesta som var där spelade och sjöng. En liten Hillfilliedotter charmade alla när hon jammade med på munspel.



Hej Janne!

Jag har färska hälsningar från Cacka Israelsson, still going strong. Vi från Radio 94,3 var hemma hos Cacka och hustru Margit i Östhammar och spelade in två program häromdan. Det blev mycket kaffedrickande med hembakt äppelkaka vid köksbordet och gamla spelminnen från Cackas sida. Vilken man! Rösten fanns där fortfarande, det var så det "gick kalla karar" utefter ryggen.  

Vi kommer att sända dessa program framöver, så det är bara att hålla koll i tablån. (


Thomas Hydén




Det var tråkigt att det inte blev någon riktig Hillbilly & Bluegrass Night den 6 oktober, men det blev ju ett trevligt jam med Forge Mountain Diggers och alla andra som var där på Saddle & Sabre.

Vi vill, lite i sista sekunden, gärna tipsa om att Sveriges Radio P2 sänder FMD's konsert från Nybrokajen 11 ikväll kl. 19.30 - 20.15.

Nästa söndag samma tid sänds andra set.


Vill ni höra andra Hillbilly & Bluegrassartister i Stockholmstrakten kan vi tipsa om att både Rockridge Brothers och Baskery spelar på Jam's singer somgwriterkväll nästa onsdag.

Spelar gör också Fanny Holm som inte uppträtt på HbBgN, men ändå inte går av för hackor.

Det är helt gratis och de bjussar på öl eller vin. Jag tror att de får någon slags good will i utbyte.


/Väl mött,   Hillbilly & Bluegrass Nights gänget.



Carlshamn Country Förening arrangerar


En höstafton med tända ljus, mat, dryck och akustisk country,

blues, folk och ragtime musik  Lör 3 nov kl 19.00  HILDEGARDS 4 årstider

”Din bistro längst ut på piren”   Karlshamn


Vi presenterar gitarrvirituosen Homesick Mac “Sings and picks acoustic blues and country

with the southern back roads authority”


Endast förköp gäller! Begränsat antal platser

Info och biljetter via Turistbyrån Karlshamn 0454-812 03


medlem CCF  Entré och matbiljett (exkl dryck)              140 kr

ej medlem Entré och matbiljett (exkl dryck)                      180 kr


Entrén öppnar kl 19.00 I samarbete med

Musik i Blekinge och Moks Musikförening



Hej Janne och alla läsare av Nyhetsbrevet!

Under november och december medverkar jag tillsammans med bl.a Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson i en stor julshow på Amiralen i Malmö. får man utförlig information om dessa kvällar och där kan man även boka biljetter. Hoppas vi ses där!

Stor Kram i höstrusket Cina Samuelson



Så har Highway 40 släppt sin 3:e cd "Songs from the heart"
För beställning av cd:n maila till Cd:n kostar 100 kr + porto / postförskottsavgift om inte 120 kr sätts in direkt på pg 486 60 44 - 3, då skickas cd:n direkt hem i din brevlåda. Cd:n innehåller 7 egna låtar och 7 covers. Tidigare utgivna cd går också bra att beställa.

För mer information maila eller besök gärna vår hemsida.Don´t forget to visit the countryband Highway 40 homepage  Email:


Hej Janne

Radio Berg har ett hyfsat countryprogram varje onsdag 11.00

Hälsningar  Gunilla Å


Hej Janne, Ibland nämst det att vi inte är så........... duktiga musiker här i norden jämfört med dom over there. Visst kan både du och jag , Berra och några till spela steel bra, men jag har lyssnat på en Norsk kollega på steel som står i klass med Lloyden, namnet är Björn Elvestad. En otrolig kille på steel, och många andra instrument. Jag bara gapa när jag hörde honom, hur bär han sig åt ,ungefär som man lyssnar Lloyd Green. Har han fler fingrar än mig eller........... så visst finns det killar som man inte vet så mycket om, som är så mycket bättre än vi här i Sweden Ex-vis. En liten kul grej att skriva om. Har ny mail adress
Tack för alla mail..... Häls Benny  Alingsås




A lot of hit songs have been written in a matter of minutes, while others took quite awhile to complete. 


According to Glenn Sutton, David Houston’s 1965 hit, “Livin’ In A House Full Of Love” was one of the latter.


Sutton commented, “That was before I started working for Columbia. My publisher, Al Gallico, had an office in the same building with Columbia at the time and I had been working on that song for quite some time.  And I kept running into Billy Sherrill and we started playing pinball machines together and we finally started writing songs together. And I showed him the idea and he liked it and wanted to record it with David Houston .


Houston’s Epic Records single, “Livin’ In A House Full Of Love” entered the country music charts September 11th, 1965 and peaked at # 3 and hung there for two weeks.


It was Houston’s 7th charted song and was on the charts for

18 weeks.



here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 - continued

After the time at the library, writing emails, I went back To Midway Motel and did some filing on my Mac, while listening to Opry and and from 19.00 watching Predators - Stars 5-1 on channel 28. Great game, the Nashville goalie is really good now, and they are terrific killing penalties... A real good start of the season... Continued listening to Midnite Jamboree,

Bobby Osborne was guesting there... noticed that ET Record Shop sells Mona McCalls new cd at a special price this period $12,98... might be a bargain for McCall fan's recorded down in Texas of course...

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 - Countdown - Rascal Flatts on top

Was softing at motel this morning as Toby Keith was guesting the Lon Helton Show. Playing the 30 most played & sold records in the Country Market. Around 11.45 I took the bus downtown, to catch up with Larry, who had been to gospel bluegrass morning at the NCC. Checked the Great Escape again and found nothing. Weather is still fantastic hot + 32 C today and it has been over 30 for many a day now, might be 33 tomorrow... too hot for me...

Will get back to Midway again after this visit and have some coffee. Billy Block has his radio show on WKDF around 19.00 so I'll listen to that, him presenting new artists and telling about his Western beat Show. Might see some mighty fine grass tonight, who knows.. to be continued..

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here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7 - continued

Back at Midway Motel the telephone rang and my promo man was on the line...set up a meeting after Billy Blocks show, so downtown again and we met about 20.10... It was dark and a surrealistic place... he had a table full of stuff, and wanted s $20 in advance and told me he was gonna get something to drink etc and that a white Mercedes would appear... with a big guy, a former wrestler from Eastern Europe... just after he'd left I saw the white Mercedes come cruising, very slow and stopped 10 meters from me and turned off the lights... Darkness all around just a light from my little lamp I had to check out the cds... after 5 minutes the guy rolled down his window and spoke to me and started looking at his batch.. my promo man came back and I was at ease again, found me a box, with some unearthy goodies, I almost cried of happiness... We agreed on $100,- and the deal was done... Hurried up now it was 20.42 and I headed down to Station Inn to meet up with Larry at the Bluegrass Jam Session... However, when I got there he was not so impressed with the talent, they didn't even say who was appearing and the talent wasn't top notch, so after he'd drunk his beer, we left the building for the 20.15 bus back to Midway... back there we found out that WSM was airing a bluegrass show... all the way til 10 after midnight... Swell, at least for Larry.

You might be curious about what I almost cried about... two demo cds with 21 + 22 songs by Lance Miller - hard hard core honky tonker I've seen many times and that I always rave about, since his Nashville Star sessions... TOO COUNTRY, and I found his Warner album with cover, was to be released in July, but obviously had been postponed or scratched... Lance has been touring with Faith & Tim & Lori this year and probably has gained some fans, but not enough country on WARNER as the Warren Brothers produced him and it's not as country as his 2 earlier efforts on local labels! Also found a 3rd demo with 10 songs, some written for Tim, but I reckon he's not interested... TOO COUNTRY!

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here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip  MONDAY, OCTOBER 8 - Time Jumpers @ The Station Inn - Franklin steels the show!

Started Monday at the library... met my promo man again, this time

outside the old Ryman building, found some new ones again. Took bus

#26 out to Madison and did some Thrift Shops on the way in to town

again... bought a new bus pass for next trip... went on bus# 12

all the way out on Nolensville Rd. found some Western Shirts for

as low as $4,99... still hot +35 C yesterday... Met with Jeff and got me

the new book about Faron Young for a bargain price of $10... also picked up

new Gene Watson on SHANACHIE - a fine digipak, with lots of guests as Connie,

Rhonda & LAW & more . Then it was time to dump the stuff at Midway

Motel... had some cold drinks and took the bus #3 to Arby's & had their

new warm sandwich... delicious, with curly fries and cold drink... ($6,73 total for

2 persons) took a short walk from there to Best Western on Music Row

(Division St) and  there about 19.00 was Hoot & Rachel Hester appearing. Of course

he's  a well known session fiddle player. They were singing own songs and

requests in the basement the "Hall Of Fame Lounge".

Of course I requested "The Little Darlin' Stuff" and Rachel (his daughter) didn't know

 what it was, thought it was a song... so he did one song from that session in 1979...

and I really liked it... talked to him about Dale Watsons new album on KOCH and he

liked it too. After a beer and some more music we left the building about 20.45 to

turn right on Division and walked a few blocks down and turned left and there was

Station Inn. Took less than 10 minutes, probably around 5... Place was full, but we

paid our $10 entrance and enjoyed an evening with the Western Swing group Time

Jumpers. This time Hoot Hester sat in an replaced Kenny Sears, both on fiddle

and vocal... Jerry Kroon-drums... and the 3rd replacement Paul Franklin-steel,

as John Hughey has some trouble with his heart... So this time we had three

fiddles as bot Spiver & Haynie were there too... Dawn Sears was missed a lot,

no "Leavin'  And Sayin'  Goodbye This Time", mostly Western Swing of course,

but a few country numbers like "Heartache By The Numbers" done by Hoot...

we loved Paul, so seldom seen live... there should have been some surprises,

but we didn't recognize any... Show ended about 23.30 and we walked

downtown to catch the night owl bus out to Murfreesboro Rd. It took 9 minutes

to ride to Midway Motel. Spent the time there filing on Mac and probably went

to sleep after 02.00... a nice full day in Nashville..

to be continued...

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Jag sitter just och lyssnar på en av mina gamla favoriter, nämligen Pete Drake. Vilket fantastisk 60-talssound på sin steel den mannen hade. Den första  LP´n med Pete köpte jag i juli 1963. Har sedan samlat på mig det mesta han gjort. Ni vet väl det att Pete Drake var den som hade flest ”sessions” av alla steelpickers och man får inte glömma bort honom som producent. Han ägde också en av de mest klassiska av studios i Nashville. Men det var då det….!  Idag har det kommit fram så många superpickers så det går inte att räkna dem. Tyvärr får man sällan höra en riktigt framträdande steel på de moderna inspelningar som görs idag i Nashville trots att det vimlar av steelpickers där.


Vi hörs snart igen,


Janne Lindgren


A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

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Nyhetsbrev nr. 080  (  sidor) 18 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

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Jag läser just i dagens Expressen att Ulrika Uhlin ska vara med som talangjaktsjury i TV3´s kommande tävling ”West End Star”. Vad jag tror är det samma Ulrika som omkring 1983 var medlem i Country Minstrels och som medverkade på LP´n ”Country Minstrels” på Sound of Scandinavia SOSLP-111. Övriga medverkande på plattan var Lasse Holmström, Christer Rosenkvist, Guy Wahlberg, Tommy Dahlgren och undertecknad förstås! Gästmusikant Thomas Haglund. JL.



Mycket countrymusik på Radio Lidingö 97,8

Det är ju tyvärr alltför få radiostationer i det här landet som sänder countrymusik. Men Radio Lidingö 97,8, som hörs över större delen av stor-Stockholm med omnejd, är ett lysande undantag!

På tisdagar kl. 20,00-21,30, med repris lördagar kl. 15,00-16,30, sänds ”Country, Country Music” med en för läsarna av det här nyhetsbrevet känd profil, nämligen Janne Lindgren.

Göran Geson är en annan av Radio Lidingös programledare med stort countryintresse. På tisdagar och fredagar kl. 7,00-8,30 är han värd för programmet ”Go´morron Lidingö” och där spelas mycket countrymusik. Ett av de fasta inslagen i det ”Go´morron”-programmet är ”Dagens trippel”, som innebär tre låtar i följd med en och samma artist eller grupp. På tisdag (16.10) blir det tre låtar med Country Minstrels och på fredag (19.10) tre låtar med Thomas Haglund Western Swing band. Det sistnämnda bandet står förresten för signaturen till det här programmet, signaturen heter ”Fat Boy Rag”. Ofta är det också gäster i Göran Gesons ”Go´morron”-program. Fredagen den 26 oktober är t.ex. Sveriges okrönte countrykung, Mats Rådberg, gäst hos Göran Geson.

På torsdagar kl. 15,00-16,00, med repris lördagar kl. 20,00-21,00, sänds programmet ”Mötet” på Radio Lidingö 97,8. Det är en programserie som tidigare har sänts på Radio Lidingö 97,8. Också det programmet med Göran Geson som programledare. Och även i det programmet är det då och då gäster med anknytning till countrymusiken. Den 22 och 24 november t.ex. är Petra Carlsson, tidigare präst i Lidingö församling, gäst i ”Mötet”. Petra har ett genuint countryintresse, och gillar framförallt kvinnliga countrysångerskor. Även i den s.k. melodiradion på Radio Lidingö 97,8 förekommer en hel del countrymusik.

Så…bor du i stor-Stockholm med omnejd, eller har vägar dit eller förbi, så ratta gärna in Radio Lidingö 97,8.


En påminnelse om Countrykvällen i Stugan, Stadsparken. Jönköping

Lördagen den 20 oktober. Tid: Klockan 19 – 24. Entré 150 kronor.

Medverkande artister: Romi Mayes från Canada,  Romi har bl a nominerats till Western Canadian Music Award.  Romi Mayes has been nominated for Outstanding Roots Recording and Songwriter of The Year for her latest album Sweet Somethin Steady by The Western Canadian Music Awards

Earl & Dallas och Blue Valley Boys.

Det går att beställa buffé till ett pris av 150 kronor exklusive dryck. Tel 036/16 33 90.Mera info av Ingemar Elf på tel. 0735-36 21 89 eller på


Bo Göran Svensson skickade mig sin senaste produktion ”Din Egen Brandsoldat” som jag nu har lyssnat igenom ordentligt. Först och främst, Bo Göran gör proffsiga omslag och insticksblad till sina plattor. Här finns alla uppgifter om musikanter samt låtar och förebilder. Han skriver också och tackar en massa människor för hjälp av olika slag. Det är trevligt!

Musiken då? Jo, bakgrunderna är inspelade i Texas med musikanter som Bobby Flores, Tommy Detamore, Pauline Reese  m fl av de mest meriterade musikanterna i området. Svensken Jerry Carlsson är med och spelar piano vilket han gör alldeles utmärkt. Att de här killarna kan sin countrymusik är väl ingen tvekan om och bara det att Bobby Flores är med betyder för mig kvalitet.

Bo Görans svenska texter är finurliga och håller sig ibland till originalidén. Stundtals är det helt andra historier än vad originaltexterna handlar om. Den vokala insatsen är kanske den svaga punkten trots allt och kunde Bo Göran sjunga lite mjukare och inte så ”stackato” så skulle plattan vinna flera kilometer. Men CDn är ändå rolig att lyssna på inte minst för de fantastiska bakgrunderna som förmodligen kostat Bo Göran en bra bunt med hoprullade dollarsedlar.  JL.


here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 –

The Doyle And Debbie Show

First in the morning a short meeting with Dan, and then a visit to the library

with all their computer capacity... visited some stores, Family Dollar &

Walgreen's. Back to Midway Motel and started packing, important these

days when there are weight limitations on the air travel... 50 pounds

free per suitcase, if you have 70 pounds it will cost $25 extra at least with

American Airlines... My buddy went out to Opryland area and he got back

around 16.00 so we took a bus to have us some Arby's on West End and a visit

to Great Escape once again. Nice new Arby deal $3,36 each... great bargain with

roast beef... took a little longer walk, but still nice to the Station Inn, 402, 12th

AvenueSouth ( at 19.00.

to see The Doyle & Debbie Show ( Very much

recommended country music comedy, taking the O out of Country! Some of

their titles: "When You're Screwing Other Women (Think Of Me)", "Stock Car Love",

"Barefoot And Pregnant", "I Ain't No Homo (But Man You Sure Look Good To Me)",

"Be Still My Heart", "ABC's Of Love", "For The Children", "Snowbanks Of Life",

"Daddy's Hair", "Harlequin Romance", "Fat Women In Trailers", "Whine Whine

Twang Twang" and more tremendous duo, Doyle in the Carl Butler style and

beautiful Debbie just like Pearl. I would say they carry on the tradition of the likes:

Hank Wangford (London, England) and Ray Driskoll of Nashville, TN... hilariously

funny tracks and the whole show made me laught more than I have ever done

at a country show, highly recommended if you're not offended by strong language..

After the show I talked to Debbie and she had recognized me in my Elizabeth Cook

baseball cap... She told me we had met at The Stage, 2 years ago, when we saw

a live show with Joe Nichols, when he was so hot with "Tequila makes...". Debbies

is playing bass for Joe... it's a small world sometimes... Stayed at Statin on to see

next gig: MashvilleBrigade They played bluegrass and some members were: Ashby

Frank - Mandolin, Vocals (from Special Consensus), banjo player BO, Aaron

McDaris (from The Grascals), Andy Hall- Resophonic Guitar, Vocals (from Infamous


Josh Williams-guitar & vocal. Of course there was a bass and fiddle too and

at some moments a girl singer came up and helped them. Seems like Josh

has Rhonda's The Rage (, as he is not pictured

there anymore and I've seen him around here at IBMA, where Rhonda

did NOT appear... so he's available for local shows... most remembered

Josh singing Haggard's "Back To The Barrooms"... show ended 23.30 and

we took a walk downtown and caught the Nite Owl bus and were back at

the Midway again 9 minutes after leaving bus terminal. Filed some on the

Mac (God bless this company) and drifted off to sleep around 01.30. Another

nice day in Nashville..  to be continued...   Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.

here's report from my  Nashville, TN fall fever trip WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10 - Repeats and final packing

Spent the day at the library, visiting last time with Jeff, spent $12

on cds.. visited with Mike once more and found me 3 brand new

cds for $20... Met with my promo man and got me some new...

Had a last Arby's roast beef... definitive packing at the motel,

while watching Preds-Blues 1-4, not a good match from Preds

they had no chance at all... seems now that they will have a tough

season, probably not good enough to make it to the play-offs...

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 - Flying back east to New York

Left the motel and took buses #15 and then the #18 with

new schedule, traveling from downtown to Airport every hour

from 06.15--11.15... nice new service, Special buses, capable

of carrying suitcases, just like Arlandabussarna in Sweden.

But the buspass was working so no extra cost. Checked in

allright at American Airlines... smoothly was due to leave

15.15... but was postponed due to bad weather in New

York, didn't leave Nashville until almost 20.00 and we

got to LaGuardia later than expected... so at 24.00 we were

standing at a ticket counter, realizing that we were not gonna

make the plane leaving from JFK to London Heathrow. However

after several attempts by four different people AA managed to

get us booked on next day, from JFK 18.35. Since they delay was

due to severe weather conditions, AA could not book us in a hotel,

so we took a cab to JFK Int´l Airport (Cost $30) and since that

place was open but kinda empty with lots of seats in the Arrival

area we spent the night there. About 06.00 we went to check-in

and got all suitcases checked in once again. Spent some time

wandering around at the airport and spoke to a supervisor, so that

I could call a relative and explain why I was coming home late next day.

The airport terminal was kinda new (#8) but they had no access to

computers, not even to rent... as they have it at Arlanda, where you

can always surf the net for a Euro or two. I asked some staff about

it and finally found a solution... AA Admiral's Club... entrance fee $50,

but with a silent lounge, and free coffee and snacks, free surfing,

free showers ... and free phone calls... So I spent rest of the day

there, softing and relaxing... about 13.00 I went to the steakhouse

and had a nice New York Sirloin steak with side sallad and bluecheese

dressing and a nice Sterling Chardonnay wine... I sat there all by myself

at the table for two, since Larry didn't want to spend money on food...

After the delicious meal I went back to the AA club and waited for the

time to arrive when we were gonna get on the plane...

Finally we boarded and got to London. Time  to get out of the Terminal

and find the SAS ticket counter to check in the carry-on, since you

are not allowed more than one handluggage at Heathrow's security

check!! Got everything done and went to fast track with my AA Gold

Card and my company too.  Very soon we were waiting for the gate

to appear, took at least one hour... Boarded and got seats #12A & C

... which included food on the plane... SAS rows 14... and up get

nothing if you don't pay SEK 60 for a sandwich and coffee... it's

their Ryan Air low profile seats (650,- to London)... Landed at Arlanda

at 12.00 Saturday. Found me a cab for 365,- and rode away to my

home place and was greeted with shrimp sandwiches... Drifted off

to sleep after half an hour...  Nashville on my mind... what a trip!!

signing off  Hank Högerklicka här om du vill hämta bilder. Automatisk hämtning av bilder från Internet hindrades för att skydda din integritet.

Det känns skönt att veta att jag själv inte tänker eller ens kan åka till USA något mer, med tanke på de strapatser man ibland då får genomgå. Oftast så tänker man att det tar bara åtta - nio timmar till Texas från Europa men man glömmer lätt alla köer och långa avstånd man måste gå. Oftast tar en resa till Texas ungefär 18 – 20 timmar från hemmet till hotellet i Dallas. Ibland mer. Så här kan det se ut:

Alla tider i svensk tid.

05.00  Uppstigning och packning av de sista sakerna

06.00  Färd med egen bil till Arlanda

07.00  Incheckning av resväskor, oftast väldiga köer

08.00  I bästa fall sitter man nu inne i taxfreeområdet och väntar på ”bording”!

09.00  Planet lyfter för 2 timmars färd till Amsterdam, London eller Frankfurt.

11.00  Vi sitter nu och väntar tills flyget till Texas avgår.

12.30  I bästa fall inga förseningar.  Ca. 8 – 11 timmars flygning väntar.

21.30 – 22.30 Vi är i bästa fall framme och väntar nu att tullgubbarna ska kolla oss.

23.30  Vi sitter på bussen som tar oss till biluthyrningen.

24.00  Vi sitter nu förhoppningsvis i vår hyrda bil och tar oss rakt söderut till Arlington som ligger mellan Dallas och Fort Worth. Det är eftermiddag i Texas och det finns många hotell att välja mellan.

01.00  Vi har hittat ett bra hotell och lägger oss att vila några timmar innan vi på kvällen beger oss ut till t ex Cowboy i Arlington.

Så här kan det se ut då det går bra. Om det krånglar som det gjorde för Hasses hemresa ja, då kan det ta hur lång tid som helst. Så det gäller att vara stark om man funderar på att åka till USA.

Vi hörs till helgen,  Janne Lindgren


A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

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Nyhetsbrev nr. 081  ( 3  sidor)   21 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

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Söndag och höst och här kommer lite att läsa. Mest för steel pickers denna gång men också lite för er countryfreaks! JL.




from the "Neon Bible" /The Texas Honky Tonk Testament/ Red Hot Rec


Hi Red

You've done it! You are this week's Hotdisc Number 1 in the main chart and also the Independent Chart.

You have gone from 7 to 1 in just two weeks on the listing and this week you ratings averaged 9.1 out of

10 points from every DJ who returned their reactions. A marvellous achievement.

Congratulations again!

Stuart Cameron - Hot Disc  Kolla in den här sidan. Cowboys är otroliga ställen som bara måste besökas om man är i Texas. JL.




Eva Eastwood är just nu ute med sitt the Major Keys på vad som kommer att bli den sista turnén tillsammans. Kolla in gig-listan på: om du vill se det här gänget ihop en sista gång. (det tillkommer några datum)

Signumet är melodiös rockabilly och oldstyle-country av bästa märke! Men största framgången har ändå kommit med plattan: ”en ny stil i stan” som tog Eva o bandet till ”allsång på Skansen” och har sålt 10 000ex.

Det är ingen osämja eller andra konstigheter som har föranlett detta utan helt enkelt bara att Eva vill gå vidare med sin musik. Hon släpper ett nytt album nästa år där inriktningen blir lite annorlunda så Majorkeys och Eva väljer att gå skilda vägar!

Tips! Fredag den 26/10 går kosan till Cassels Konserthus, ett fantastisk fint ställe som ligger i Grängesberg. Kolla in:

Vänliga Hälsningar,  Janne Östlund


Hej Janne!

Nu har jag köpt en egen dator med mobilt bredband. Det "svagaste" bredbandet men det fungerar bra även ute i skärgården, där jag är nu.

Två lite ovanliga saker i ditt nyhetsbrev (nr 80) men intressanta. Genomgången av Radio Lidingös utbud är mycket bra. Jag skall skriva ut det och lägga vid radion. Det andra var genomgången av hur en resa till Texas kan se ut tidsmässigt.

Jag kan lyssna på utländsk radio i datorn. Jag har kopplat den till stereon. Det finns 60 countrykanaler men jag har ännu inte hittat någon riktigt bra. Kan du tipsa mig?!

Hälsningar Lasse Rune

Kul att du hittar något läsvärt i mina Nyhetsbrev. Beträffande radiokanaler så har jag tipsat om några i tidigare brev men kan inte minnas vilka. Några läsare kan kanske ge Lasse några bra tips i kommande utgåvor? Börja med att gå in på där du hittar en bra station i Nashville. JL.



Hello fans and fellow players,

As promised, this week's featured steel guitarist is Cal Sharp. As you'll be able to see by looking at Cal's website, he has been an extremely busy boy in Nashville. Much of the reason for his success is of course, his playing ability. Cal is one of the nicest players you'll ever meet. This sure doesn't hurt the fact that he gets hired by anyone he has the time to work for.

Cal shares my high opinion of Faron Young, having worked for him for several years himself, and seems to be one of the steel players that Faron favored heavily. Faron didn't seem to love every steel player he had. I seemed to be one of the lucky ones, along with Cal, Stu Basore, Skip Jackson and Jimmy Crawford.

Cal continues to be a very busy player in Nashville even though his road days have slowed down tremendously by choice. He is also a fresh newlywed. He married a beautiful girl named Leann who is behind him all the way in his music ventures. I could sing this great players accolades forever, however I'll let you go to his website and see for yourselves what a wonderful career this man has had so far
. Cal Sharp

After my newsletter about unprofessional amateur singers we all have to work with, I received an especially disheartening email from good friend and steel guitarist Tommy Oliver in Alabama. Tommy stated that 8 days out of the hospital with a serious heart operation, he was highly pressured to take a job with an amateur singer and traveled 200 miles away to play it.

The singer stated that he had to have Tommy do the gig with him so save the job because he needed it desperately. Not feeling at all up to it, Tommy did accept it to help this singer out. Everyone was very happy with the band at the end of the four hours. The crowd wanted the band to play for an extra hour and offered to pass the hat for them to do so.

Tommy went along with it even though he was extremely tired and in pain. Over $500 was collected from the crowd for the fifth hour. When the job was over, the singer/bandleader went to the owner of the club to receive the promised money for the evening. He told the club owner that he could keep all the tip money that was collected for the last hour hoping this would secure future dates for the band.

It not only didn't secure the bands future, the club owner gladly accepted the tip money which left the band hanging for the last hour.

Now I have heard of some stupid singer/bandleaders in my life and I'm sure many of you have your own stories of working jobs and putting in time and not getting paid for it, but this one about takes the cake.

The Lexington steel guitar show, November 2nd and 3rd, appears to have shaped up to be one of the nicest in the USA. Some of the industry's greatest players are confirmed on the show. It is in a new, much better hotel this year with better rooms, restaurants, stage and auditorium than any of the past shows in this great city. Check the steel guitar forum events and announcements for detailed information.

Many of you have been asking me about the rockabilly CD I've been doing which has actually turned into a sixties blues type CD. The players are the legendary Memphis crew, with a brass section under the direction of Jim Hoke. Many of these musicians were on such hits as "Louie, Louie", "Green Onions", "Soul Man" and all of the Ace Cannon hits. These musicians set the style for this great CD and even though it's my album, at times I feel like I had to hang on for dear life.

We are expecting it to be finished and on sale within a month. Sun Records, an affiation I'm very proud of, will be distributing it as a download. Previews are available on my 24 hour streaming. Just follow the link on the front page of my website.

Your buddy,  Bobbe Seymour



Jag har fått in nya Goodrich volympedaler och jag får i veckan in några nya modeller dobros av märket Regal. Ring mig direkt, 08 – 88 46 86


Ha en bra vecka, Janne Lindgren



A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

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Nyhetsbrev nr. 082  ( 4  sidor)   25 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

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AFF´s tidning AFF-Tonbladet kom i lådan häromdagen. Alltid kul läsning då tidningen är mycket informativ. Här finns alla upplysningar man kan önska om man är intresserad av bluegrass och old-timey. En artikel om Bengt Ericson – mottagare av AFF Award 2007 – och en reseskildring av Anders Sterner och Tina Sundberg och även andra artiklar. Man lyckas få med otroligt mycket i denna lilla tidning. Vill du bli medlem i AFF så är adressen   JL.


Hej Janne
Vill bara meddela att idag har jag läst dödsannonsen efter
Carina Wessman, hon avled den 20 oktober. Annonsen var idag införd
i Borås tidning.
Olle Paulin, Axelfors

Tråkigt att höra om Carina. Hon var en bra sångerska på sin tid och jag minns att jag var med och spelade steel på bl a LP´n ”Ta Mig Med” och som producerades av Jojje Engström. JL.



Hej där ute i musikvärlden !


Tack till Er alla, som medverkade och gjorde lördagens Rockabilly afton till en succé !!!

Vilken publikuppslutning vi fick ! Givetvis är vi tacksamma för att vi fick tillbringa detta arrangemang på Ölhallen i Karlshamn.


Tack även till The Boogie Cats, som rockade loss och visade var skåpet ska stå ! 

Ni gjorde en suverän insats ! 


Nu åker vi vidare till nästa arrangemang på Hildegards 4 årstider längst ut på piren i Karlshamn Lörd 3 november då gitarvirituosen, Homesick Mac, ska underhålla oss, till god mat och dryck under aftonen. Glöm inte att beställa biljetter på Turistbyrån 0454-812 03.


OBS Begränsat antal platser !   För vidare info se  I samarbete med Musik I Blekinge,Moks Musikförening o Kulturenheten Karlshamn


 Med Vänliga Hälsningar, Styrelsen för Carlshamn Country Förening


God morgon Janne! Hoppas allt är väl. För egen del rullar det på som vanligt. Tänkte tipsa Rune om en bra countrystation. . En liten station i Houston som spelar mycket blandat, både gammalt och nytt.

Ha de'   Micke


Thorells Syndrom / Jack Event ’n’ Production bjuder in till en BBQ-jul utan dess like!


 Vi skippar sillen och rödbetssalladen. Här är det rökig BBQ-sås, spetsad med Jack Daniel’s och glögg(!), Ramblin’ Ribs och Coleslaw som gäller. Smokey Mountainskocken Danny Dynamite! bjuder på det bästa ur ”Old West Deep South BBQ Buffet Cook Book”, en guldgruva fylld av recept från BBQ-bältet i det stora landet i väst. Smaklökarna dansar både jive och line dance!


Vad är väl ett julbord utan underhållning? Glöm Stilla Natt. Släpp loss med The Tributes ena dagen och Cookies 'n' Beans den andra! Dolly Christmas Party BBQ, Torsdag 13/12, kl 19 på Stampen, Stora Nygatan (T-Gamla Stan)

De tre glödande damerna i Cookies ’n’ Beans bjuder med munspelen i högsta hugg på livemusik av bland andra Dolly, Emmylou, Lucinda Williams och Dixie Chicks. Underhållning i toppklass! Missa inte ett unikt tillfälle att se dessa sköna bönor tillsammans i den ljuvaste stämsång!

Boka nu! Enstaka personer eller grupper. 500 kr/person, givetvis inkl BBQ. Vi fyller opp tills det tar stopp, och tar det stopp så slänger vi in ett datum till. Och vill ni hellre ha det, så ordnar vi en egen kväll för just ert sällskap!

Maila för bokning och mer information.

 Mvh, Frida Carlsson



Här nedan kommer alla nomineringar till årets CMA Award. Ni kan själva kolla in på hemsidan och läsa mer.

Entertainer of the Year

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Brad Paisley
  • Rascal Flatts
  • George Strait
  • Keith Urban

Female Vocalist of the Year

·         Alison Krauss

·         Miranda Lambert

·         Martina McBride

·         Reba McEntire

·         Carrie Underwood

Male Vocalist of the Year

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Brad Paisley
  • George Strait
  • Josh Turner
  • Keith Urban

Horizon Award

  • Jason Aldean
  • Rodney Atkins
  • Little Big Town
  • Kellie Pickler
  • Taylor Swift

Vocal Group of the Year

  • Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
  • Dixie Chicks
  • Emerson Drive
  • Little Big Town
  • Rascal Flatts

Vocal Duo of the Year

  • Big & Rich
  • Brooks & Dunn
  • Montgomery Gentry
  • Sugarland
  • The Wreckers

Single of the Year
(Award goes to Artist and Producer)

  • “Anyway”
    Martina McBride
    Produced by Martina McBride
    RCA Records
  • “Before He Cheats”
    Carrie Underwood
    Produced by Mark Bright
    19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records
  • “Lost In This Moment”
    Big & Rich
    Produced by Big Kenny and John Rich
    Warner Bros.
  • “Ticks”
    Brad Paisley
    Produced by Frank Rogers and Chris DuBois
    Arista Nashville
  • “Wrapped”
    George Strait
    Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait
    MCA Nashville

Album of the Year
(Award goes to Artist and Producer)

  • 5th Gear
    Brad Paisley
    Produced by Frank Rogers and Chris DuBois
    Arista Nashville
  • It Just Comes Natural
    George Strait
    Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait
    MCA Nashville
  • Long Trip Alone
    Dierks Bentley
    Produced by Brett Beavers
    Capitol Records Nashville
  • Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing
    Keith Urban
    Produced by Dann Huff and Keith Urban
    Capitol Records Nashville
  • These Days
    Vince Gill
    Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and Justin Niebank
    MCA Nashville

Song of the Year
(Award goes to Songwriter and Primary Publisher)

  • “Anyway”
    Martina McBride/Brad Warren/Brett Warren
    Delemmava Music/Bucky and Clyde Music
  • “Before He Cheats”
    Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins
    That Little House Music/Mighty Under Dog Music/Sony/ATV Cross Keys
  • “Give It Away”
    Bill Anderson/Buddy Cannon/Jamey Johnson
    Sony/ATV Tree/Mr. Bubba Music/Slow Run Music/EMI Blackwood
  • “Lost In This Moment”
    John Rich/Keith Anderson/Rodney Clawson
    Rich Texan Music/Warner-Tamerlane/Writer’s Extreme/
    EMI April Music/Romeo Cowboy
  • “Stupid Boy”
    Dave Berg/Deanna Bryant/Sarah Buxton
    Song Planet/That Little House Music/Cal IV Songs/ BergBrain Music

Musical Event of the Year
(Award to each Artist)

  • Reba McEntire with Kelly Clarkson
    “Because of You”
    MCA Nashville
  • Tracy Lawrence featuring Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney
    “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”
    Rocky Comfort Records/CO5
  • Jimmy Buffett with George Strait and Alan Jackson
    “Hey Good Lookin’” Live
    MCA Nashville
  • Alison Krauss and John Waite
    “Missing You”
    Rounder Records
  • Vince Gill with Guest Vocalist Alison Krauss
    “The Reason Why”
    MCA Nashville

Music Video of the Year
(Award goes to Artist and Director)

  • “Anyway”
    Martina McBride
    Directed by Robert Deaton and George J. Flanigen IV
  • “Before He Cheats”
    Carrie Underwood
    Directed by Roman White
  • “Moments”
    Emerson Drive
    Directed by Steven Goldmann
  • “Online”
    Brad Paisley
    Directed by Jason Alexander
  • “You Save Me”
    Kenny Chesney
    Directed by Shaun Silva

Musician of the Year

  • Eddie Bayers – Drums
  • Jerry Douglas – Dobro
  • Dann Huff – Guitar
  • Mac McAnally – Guitar
  • Randy Scruggs – Guitar


Brad Paisley and George Strait Lead Finalists with Five Nominations Each.

"The 41st Annual CMA Awards" will be broadcast live from the Sommet Center in Nashville Wednesday, Nov. 7 (8:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) on ABC Television Network.




Vi får väl hoppas att countrymusiken blir den största vinnaren i årets CMA Award Show.

Idag fick jag Krutstänket  i brevlådan. Ca. 14 sidor om countrymusik och lite annat. Vill ni kontakta klubben så gör det på  


Sådärja! Ännu ett Nyhetsbrev tillverkat. Jag sänder med min nya lista på dobro och steelböcker då jag just fått in en del nyheter.


Janne Lindgren


Steel Guitar Music, Frösätrab. 10,  127 37 Skärholmen

Tel. 08 – 88 46 86   email:



Mel Bay´s Country Dobro Guitar Styles by Ken Eidson & Tom Swatzell. 72 sidor. Pris: 125:-

Mel Bay´s Learn To Play Bluegrass Dobro, by K. Eidson & T. Swatzell. 88 sidor + CD. Pris:


Mel Bay´s You Can Teach Yourself Dobro. 133 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s Beginning Dobro Solos, by Stacey Phillips. 52 sidor + CD  Pris: 245:-

Mel Bay´s Super Dobro Picking, by Tim McCasland. 30 minuters DVD. Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s Dobro Workshop, by Phil Leadbetter. 52 minuters DVD. Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s Anyone Can Play Dobro. 50 minuters DVD. Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s Dobro Breaks & Back-Up by Josh Graves. 60 minuters Video. Pris: 390:-

Mel Bay´s Dobro Wall Chart by Janet Davis. Stor plastbehandlad poster. Alla ackord finns

                  här. Pris: 120:-

Mel Bay´s Chords & Scale Patterns by Stacey Phillips. Plastbehandlad liten poster. Pris: 90:-


Banjo med flera instrument

Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Banjo. 116 sidor  Pris: 205:-

Mel Bay´s  First Lessons Banjo.  32 sidor m. CD  Pris: 90:-


Mel Bay´s  101 Red Hot Licks Bluegrass Mandolin. 47 sidor m. CD    Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s  Fun With Mandolin. Bok + CD    Pris: 230:-

Mel Bay´s  Mandolin Chords Made Easy by Joe Carr. 60 min. DVD. 190:-


Mel Bay´s  Ukulele Chords Made Easy by Joe Carr. 75 min. DVD. Pris: 190:-

Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Uke. 96 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-


Mel Bay´s  Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia. 139 sidor  Pris: 175:-

Mel Bay´s  Dulcimer Chord Book. 64 sidor  Pris: 120:-

Mel Bay´s  You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer.  95 sidor + CD  Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s  2000 Dulcimer.  95 sidor + CD   Pris: 250:-

Mel Bay´s  Learn To Play Mountain Dulcimer by Mark Biggs. 90 min. DVD Pris: 250:-


Mel Bay´s  Blues Harmonica Method Level 1. 30 sidor m. CD  Pris: 225:-

Mel Bay´s  First Lessons Blues Harmonica (Fransk) 31 sidor m CD. Pris: 120:-


Mel Bay´s  Ultimate Fretted Tuning Chart  Pris:  125:-

Basic Music Theory by Jim Molberg.  28 sidor   Pris:- 125:- 


Steel Guitar (pedal & lap)

Mel Bay´s Easiest Country Pedal Steel Guitar Book    Pris: 90:-

Mel Bay´s Pedal Steel Guitar Chord Chart E9th by DeWitt Scott. Plastbehandlad “Wall

                  Chart” där alla ackord finns med. Pris: 90:-

Mel Bay´s Deluxe Pedal Steel Guitar Method, by DeWitt Scott. 200 sidor + CD. Pris: 350:-


Mel Bay´s Art Of Hawaiian Steel Guitar. 155 sidors bok + CD. Pris: 250:-

Mel Bay´s Basic C6th Non Pedal Lap Steel Method by DeWitt Scott. 96 sidor + CD. Pris: 250:-

Lap Steel Guitar Kurs i C6 stemning by Henning Kock.  Pris: 200:-

Steelin´ In The Dark by Henning Kock.  32 sidor + kassett  Pris: 150:-

Mel Bay´s Steel Guitar Method vol. 1.  95 sidor  Pris: 150:-

Mel Bay´s Steel Guitar Method vol. 2.  48 sidor  Pris: 95:-


The International Steel Guitar And Dobro Discography by Joe Goldmark. 248 sidor. Pris: 95:-



Janne Lindgrens kurser för pedal steel med endast 3 fotpedaler och 1 knäpedal. (Kurserna innehåller ej något diagram) CD pris 250:- per styck.


Pedal Steel Guitar 1.   
60 minuters grundkurs med prat och steelinstruktioner.
OBS! Denna kurs är helt ny och är unik med en fantastisk ljudbild.


Pedal Steel Guitar 2.   
60 minuters fortsättningskurs m. prat och steelinstruktioner. 
Även den här är helt ny med härligt steelsound och många intressanta övningar.


Pedal Steel Guitar C6th.   
60 minuters instruktioner för C6stämningen.
En mycket bra början för den som vill gå vidare från E9stämningen.


Janne Lindgrens privatlektioner i Skärholmen, Stockholm.
E9 eller C6 där lektionen spelas in på ett kassettband som du sedan får med dig.
Pris per lektion och timme är  250:- 
Ring för närmare information och tid. (Obs! Även kurser för dobro)



A  nonprofit organisation to promote country music

Sveriges hetaste nyhetsblad

Email:  HomePage: www

Nyhetsbrev nr. 083  (  3 sidor)   28 oktober  2007

Det här nyhetsmailet kommer till er mailadress torsdagar och söndagar.

Titta tillbaka på tidigare nyhetsblad på eller


Så är oktober månad snart slut och jag tror att ni håller med om att tiden går väldigt fort. Det verkar som om det hela accelererar med åldern!?

Jag har fått in lite nya instrument bl a  square neck dobros och är ni intresserade så titta på min lista jag sänder med i detta Nyhetsbrev. JL.


Hej Janne!

Såg att någon efterlyste tips om countrystationer på nätet. Ett bra ställe att börja botanisera på är Radio Locator. Denna länk visar drygt 300 amerikanska radiostationer med country som sänder live på nätet Fel! Ogiltig hyperlänkreferens. 

Ett tips är att kolla in stationer som kallar sig "Classic Country" om man gillar "riktig" country, medan de som kallar sig "Real Country" eller "Todays Country" oftast spelar pop-country. Tyvärr har det blivit vanligt att vissa större radiostationer "spärrar" sina sändningar för utländska lyssnare (gäller t ex en av de största ägarna av radiostationer i USA, Clear Channel). Bl a har det drabbat min absoluta favoritstaton KVET i Austin (FM 98.1) som inte går att lyssna på live längre (nu får man åka till Austin istället....). En station som fortfarande håller måttet är WSM Nashville TN 650 AM, som bl a sänder live från Grand Ole Opry på lördagskvällarna (natt hos oss) Fel! Ogiltig hyperlänkreferens. är webadressen.

Live365 innehåller många "stationer" med country, en favorit är Take Country Back Fel! Ogiltig hyperlänkreferens. , tyvärr är den mycket populär och är ofta "fullsatt", d v s man måste vara VIP-medlem (kostar några tior/månad) för att kunna lyssna. En bra funktion på Live365 är att låttitlar och artister visas i webfönstret och man får därigenom tips på countryartister/låtar som man annars kanske aldrig hade vetat om.

Hälsningar,   Lars Bygdén

Det är ganska fantastiskt att sitta här i Stockholm och lyssna direkt på Grand Ole Opry i Nashville. Just nu – klockan är 05.28 söndagsmorgon – håller showen på som bäst och Daryl Singletary har just avverkat några kanonlåtar och värd för avdelningen är Bill Anderson. Det känns faktiskt som om man själv sitter där bland publiken. Ljudbilden är MYCKET bra och här har svenska ljudtekniker en hel del att lära. Orkar man inte vara uppe på natten så kan man välja Ernest Tubb´s Midnite Jamboree som börjar klockan 06.30 svensk tid. Söndagsmorgon alltså! Jag har hört att det  t o m går att se hela showen per Internet. Någon som vet? JL.


Hallå vänner. Här kommer månadens boktips från mig producerat av Norrköpings Stadsbibliotek.your friend, Lasse Lindfors Cash boken förstås

Öppna och se: Kolla in den här klubben. JL.


Senaste utgåvan av Mr Music Country har kommit i brevlådan och som vanligt är det en god samling melodier blandat med kända och okända artister. Den här gången finns Dale Watson, Jann Brown, George Jones, Hillfillies och massor av andra artister med. Skivorna ges ut som månadsskivor och är mycket intressanta. Speciellt om man inte själv har så enormt mycket countryskivor hemma i hyllan. Beställ på 031 – 734 37 30 JL.




Now heard in 202 countries around the world!

The Texas Gospel Jamboree Radio Show just celebrated it’s one year anniversary on the air!! Jeane Marlatt and I value this awesome time together with ALL the listeners around the world! PLEASE listen to these great radio stations as they broadcast the Texas Gospel Jamboree around the world every week!! Be sure and listen to the "Christian Music Showcase" and other special segments every week on the radio show!! Please Listen to…. Sunday’s at 1:00pm. It’s true country bluegrass gospel radio with DJ Trinity and the group! Monday's primetime @ 9:00PM. It's GREAT "LIVE" radio! Thanks Mike! (Sun., Mon., Wed., Fri.) GREAT country gospel radio from Gene & Micki! CHECK OUT THEIR "NEW" GOSPEL MUSIC STORE...It's GREAT! (Saturdays) Bobby Lynn II has another GREAT gospel radio station. Bless you Bobby! (Thur., Sun., and daily) Covering all of east Texas. Bob & Glorya present GREAT country gospel music! Covering all of East Texas! (Sun., Thur.) Danny Adams keeping it going strong with GREAT country/gospel radio (Mondays at 2:00) From California and around the world!



Hello fellow players,


We have thousands of people on the mailing list who are not totally involved in steel guitar.  We have lead players and all kinds of musicians, promoters, producers, writers, label people and steel guitar fans who don’t play at all.  However, I do have to remember all you great players out there so once and a while I have to get technical for you.


But first, I want to mention two great people in the world of music who deserve credit for what they’ve done and what they’re doing.  These two great people are Charles Tilley and Tom Brumley.


Charles Tilley is a gentleman cowboy from northeast Texas who not only plays steel guitar very well, but also heads up a very busy and wonderful steel guitar club around the Tyler area of Texas.  He does very nice shows for his club and books in excellent talent from the world over.


The new thing that Charles has done that has impressed myself and everyone else is his creation of a sort of steel guitar YouTube for steel players only.  Now suddenly, about everybody you’ve ever heard of on the steel guitar forum can be found with a clip of their playing on the Charles Tilley site.  The entire steel guitar world is pretty well abuzz with this new way of being heard by your peers.


Four years ago I was booked to play the Northeast Texas Steel Guitar Club by Charles and as I landed my Piper Cherokee at the airport gate in Tyler, Texas, Charles was standing on the other side of the fence ready to pick me up.  He loaded all my equipment and baggage in his gorgeous Cadillac, immediately took me to one of Tyler’s finest restaurants, fed me and soon I realized that this was just his Texas way of doing things.  Texas hospitality galore.


There is something wonderful about having a Texan for a friend.  The show went incredible and my appreciation to all involved knows no bounds.  Charles Tilley, thank you for what you are doing for the world of steel guitar.


Here’s the link!


And now, second but definitely not least, the great, immortal Tom Brumley.  There is not a nicer, more obliging, easier to get along with major personality in steel guitar than Tom.  Son of the great Al Brumley, writer of some of Gospel music’s greatest hits, Tom was no stranger to Country and Gospel music while growing up.  Tom is one of those drippy smooth, gorgeous tone steel players who has one hundred percent perfect taste and can still rip off a string of notes as fast as any player known.


I don’t get to see Tom much but one of the last times I did, he was working with Ricky Nelson, who along with Pat Boone, was as nice a star entertainer as you could find.  Ricky acted flattered to meet me and since I had known him since he was born because of watching the Ozzie and Harriet TV show as a kid, I felt I knew him well.


Ricky talked to me at length about Tom and how proud he was to have such a great steel guitarist touring with him.  I agreed with Ricky since one of the greatest steel guitar instrumental breaks I had ever heard was the one Tom played on “Garden Party”.  I still have to stop and listen everytime this song is played in the media.


I was with Tom, Buck and Ferlin Husky as I have mentioned in previous newsletters, when Tom played his last show with Buck Owens after a long career and gaining fame playing “Together Again” and “Crying Time” to name only two.  A legendary person and player and one that will be loved by everyone forever, the incomparable Tom Brumley.


Your buddy, Bobbe Seymour



Lyssna gärna på Radio Lidingö 97,8 och Country, Country Music på tisdag klockan 20.00 och innan det på Radio Haninge 98,5 och International Country klockan 16.45


Som vanligt är jag lite sen med utskicket men det blir så ibland på söndagar. Fotboll på TV, laga lite käk till hustrun, en pilsner och sedan är det sen kväll. Ni förstår va?


Ha en fin vecka trots det gråa vädret!


Janne Lindgren



Tillbaks till nyhetsbrev!

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